Attention Grabbing Ways to Save on ADHD Medications


Parents of children diagnosed with ADHD are among the thousands who need access to prescriptions without the burden of the costs that are outside their income or budget. Being limited by money shouldn’t be a hindrance to getting the those families the help they deserve.

Yet, every day children and their parents go without a better quality of life because they cannot afford to buy a simple and necessary prescription, such as Vyvanse, to assist with ADHD. As the cost of medications continues to rise in the United States for a variety of reasons, many parents whose children are dependent on this type of drug are, understandably, concerned.

HelpRx hears your concerns and has information and Vyvanse savings specifically for  available to you.

A basic understanding of how pharmacists purchase drugs from manufacturers can aid in knowing which savings plan is the best for you. Drug prices can differ by as much as $100 between one pharmacy and another around the corner. The pricing given to consumers can vary due to insurance coverage or lack thereof, brand-name vs. generic drugs, and costs or savings passed along by the drug manufacturer, to name a few.
In brief, here’s how those prices are determined:



Manufacturers will negotiate with pharmacies, hospitals, or doctors to buy their inventory at a particular rate, then offer money back when the pharmacy, hospital, or doctor sells those various drugs. Knowing that they will get a rebate from the manufacturer, your local pharmacy can pass the savings onto you.

Similarly, a medical office doctor or hospital professional may participate in these rebate programs. For example, your doctor may give you a free drug sample that includes a coupon or they may give you a rebate slip that maybe used at the time you fill your prescription. These are great for initial purchases, but for refills, it isn’t a long-term solution.



Much like rebates in their function between manufacturer and pharmacy or medical professional, coupons may be available to consumers, but are exchanged with filling the initial prescription. They do not need to be mailed in and no waiting time is required for the money to make a difference to your budget.

Also, because they come directly to you and are not dependent upon the pharmacy to implement before passing any savings on to the consumer, you know you will get your discount.

On the HelpRx website, you can easily search for Vyvanse and you will be directed to an offer for a discount coupon. There are no forms to fill out, therefore, your private information stays private. You don’t even need to provide that information. Simply click on the coupon offer, decide if you want to print it or have it sent it to you via email or text to your phone. When you get to the pharmacy, you present the coupon and receive the discount. Done.

These coupons can be used repeatedly as they are consistently available, easy to access, and can be scanned from your smartphone at the pharmacy counter. They are efficient, private, and can save you up to 75% with each refill.


Discount Cards:

Discount cards are also a good option for initial purchases and prescription refills. These cards are made available by third party groups like HelpRx leveraging the power of large quantity or group purchasing to negotiate discounts on behalf of card holders. You can apply for this card from the home page of the HelpRx website by simply filling out a form. A card will be sent to you in the mail and you can begin using it immediately upon receipt.


HelpRx coupons are a great option for thousands of users. Here’s why:

  • Anyone can access the coupons with no unnecessary claims or additional paperwork between the consumer and the insurance company.
  • The coupons are not dependent upon whether or not you have insurance.
  • You may use the coupon regardless of the amount of your amount of income.
  • It is available to anyone who applies.
  • You cannot be turned down due to a current illness or previous medical condition.
  • Your privacy is respected and kept just that – private.
  • HelpRx is dedicated to passing on savings to the average person and their families without discrimination.
  • In a market where no one is working to reach a deal on behalf of an individual, the ability to negotiate pricing for a large group works in your favor.


Put your financial worries to rest and get the coupon discounts you need. It couldn’t be simpler to save money on Vyvanse, improve your family’s quality of life, and save money for all your prescription costs with HelpRx coupons.

What methods do you use to help save on your prescription medications? Leave us a comment in the section below.

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