What to Ask Before Buying a Medical Alert System?

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When you search for a Medical Alert system, don’t be afraid to ask a few questions. You need to ask about the equipment and pricing before you pay for it. There are a lot of options available, so it’s better to ask around and find the best one for yourself. To help you get started, we are giving you a few pointers!

Does it Need a Landline?

Many Medical Alertsystems are built with land-line. They can easily connect to the phone jack., and can make the phone call for you whenever you need. If you don’t need a landlineconnection to the base, then you might have a cellular enabled base station. It offers seamless connectivity, from thebase station to the call center. However, you will need a tethered range of 400-2000 feet from the base station.

Range of the System

If you have a standard system, the wearable pendant button will be connected to thebase station wirelessly. The maximum distance between your pendant and base station is referred as arange. Typical distance starts at 600. The range increases with improved model and can go as far as 1,200 feet.

Cellular Medical Alert System

These are available and offer great options. These Medical Alert systems are made for the more active people as they tend to go outside of the house more often.  Almost every carrier is offering this. With this solution, you don’t have to worry about the range ever. You are always in touch with the medical team. However, you will need to stay connected with your phone all the time. You are getting free range, but your monthly premium is also increased. Well considering you have thefree range now, it is worth the extra premium.

Installing the Medical System

Most people bring this question up when they buy a Medical Alert system. People don’t know how to install the system in their home, and that is the reason they are willing to pay a professional do the wide for them.

Well, despite the popular belief, these are feasible to install. The whole thing is self-explanatory. These are easy to set up. But if you buy from someone local, then you might need his or her expertise to deal with a few things.  Ask them to set up the units for you to make sure they work perfectly. If you are not buying from a well-reputed source, then you better test it before paying.

Where is the Call Center, and How Long is Response Time?

There are a couple of companies we deal with Medical Alert response alert. So, if your manufacturer lands you deal with one, that’s great. You need to confirm what sort of services they offer and make sure they are according to your health condition. If the provider is good enough, he won’t take any more than 10 minutes for the urgent response. After all, this can be the difference between your life and death. So you need to be careful.

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