Are you Ready for Game Day?

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Are you ready for the big game? We are approaching one of the most watched television events- It’s Super Bowl season! It can be a day of disappoint for fans of the thirty teams that did not make it- and a day of excitement for the fans of the two teams that did. Whether your favorite team made it or not it is an event many like to watch. The NFL predicts over 200 million people will watch the big game. I can be  a fun event where you can celebrate and eat. A lot. Oh, and watch the game, too.

Name Your Favorite Game Day Snack!

Food is probably one of the top hits during the big game. How much will you each during the Super Bowl? We surveyed a number of articles and found ranges from 2400- 11000 calories! Even on the low end 2400 calories is more than we should eat in a day, and the 11,000 calories is double what we eat on Thanksgiving. Here are a few tips to keep your calorie intake in check:

  • Start the day with an exercise routine to help burn those extra calories.
  • Eat a lite breakfast and lunch to avoid stacking the calories during the game.
  • Don’t graze- fix a plate and move away from the spread.
  • Drink more water than beer.

If you are throwing a small gathering or a big party, we rounded up some hosting tips to get you ready for the big day. And to give you a head start, here are some of our favorite Super Bowl recipes including appetizers, desserts, and even healthy snacks.

Plan and make ahead- here are a few ideas that you can make early in the day and require little prep when game time starts:

And here are a few sides and dips that your guests will enjoy:

What is the most popular grub for your Super Bowl party? Research shows that America’s top choice is meatballs! Guacamole was second and chips and salsa came in third. It seems like finger foods are the winner. We hope that you enjoy the game, eat well and stay safe. 

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