Are You A Wine Collector? Then These Tips Will Help You Choose A Wine Rack!

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Do you like to collect wines? Then you need a rack to store them. But choosing a wine rack is not an easy decision. There are so many options for storing your wine, you can store your bottles of wine in wine refrigerator, wooden wine racks, metal wine racks. It depends on the temperature and humidity conditions to choose a storage solution. Moreover, there are racks with many sizes and styles available on the market. In this article, we will help you decide which wine storage solution is for you.

Where Are You Going to Store?

The very first thing, you should know is the storage location. It is the very step because most of the people choose the wrong place. Many of us will be thinking that the kitchen is the place where our wine bottles should store. But in reality, it is not a good place, because changing temperature and sunlight in your kitchen can ruin your expensive collection. You can only store wine in a kitchen if you are going to drink it in the next two months. As you have just started storing the wine bottles, you need to place your collection in a cooler place. One of the cooler places in a house is the basement. You can also store them in a wine cooler. Remember to store those bottles outside of the cooler that you are going to consume in a few months.

How Much Space You Need?

Well, it all depends on the amount of your collection. It is a very important thing to consider because it will help you decide the size of the rack. Moreover, it also depends on your consumption of wine. Another thing to consider is the type of collection. If you want to store champagne or any magnum bottles, then you need a much larger space. These types of bottles are not easy to fit in the standard opening.

Material of The Rack

After deciding the storage place and the size of the rack. It is time for you to decide the construction and material of the rack. People mostly like to use wooden racks and others prefer to use racks made of metal. People like to have a metal rack that has nested bottle holders. This type keeps the bottles in place and does not allow them to slide around. Moreover, you need to make sure that the rack has bottle holders. A rack made of wood is more stable and stronger. The wood should be thick enough because it is very critical. If the wood is not thick enough then it will not hold for years.

Cooler or Rack

It depends on the amount of wine bottles you want in your collection. Moreover, it depends on the room you have for wine in your home. If you are living in a cold area then rack is the best choice. But remember to keep it away from vibration and sunlight. But if you are living in warm areas, then you must have a wine cooler.

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