Ants in Your Pants? Here’s How To Deal With These Pests!


Do you get swarms of ants in your home every year? Ants can be one of the most infuriating pests to have since they tend to attack almost every room in the house. You’ll have ants invading your bedroom, your kitchen, your bathroom and more. These are some super pesky pests!

There are a bunch of things you can do when you have a pest problem. The first is to call a seasoned exterminator. There are several options out there, such as Novi ant control and others. Do your research, figure out which one works for you and give them a call right away! You’ll need it. Meanwhile, here’s how to handle the pest situation.

Place the Poison

Place (poisoned) bait stations in places where ants have been seen, such as under the sink and along walls, to make it as likely as possible for the ants to take back the poisonous bait to the nest. As you first set the trap, expect to see more ants. That’s actually perfect, so don’t freak out about the larger number of pests. It means more ants take the bait back to the colony, where they’ll share it with the rest of the ants including the queen.

Don’t Step on Them

Resist the temptation to step on the ants after the toxic bait has been set. Now they are working for you. They will keep collecting the poison and taking it to the nest to poison their other pest comrades!

Get Rid of the Trail

Ants leave a scented trail that is followed by other ants. Sweeping or mopping is not enough to do away with the scent. Instead, mix one part of the vinegar in a spray bottle with three parts of water, then spritz wherever you have seen the ants.

Check the Yard

Spot treat outdoor insecticide to anthills or mounds. Use an insect killer, which contains bifenthrin as the active ingredient for large-scale ant problems. First, mow the grass, then spray the insecticide in the early morning or late afternoon on the entire lawn, when the ants are most active for effective ant control.

Bar Their Access

Trim back bushes, shrubs, and trees brushing against your sideboard or roof. These provide the ants with a bridge to get to your home. Avoid stacking house-side firewood.

Find the Nest

For certain infestations— for example, of carpenter ants — you have to get rid of the nest. How to find it: Look for soft and spongy damp areas such as framing or flooring (this could be the result of plumbing or roof leakage, say). Look through the attics, the bathrooms and the walls outside. When the nest is found, spray it with insecticide marked for indoor use. You shouldn’t have major ant issues after this!

Last Resort: Lemon

If nothing else works out, make lemonade! No really. Squirt the doors and window sills with some lemon juice. Then squeeze a wedge into any holes or cracks that pass through the ants’ way. Lastly, scatter small lemon peel slices around any outdoor entrances. The strong smell and acidity can help keep the pests away.

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