Health Benefits of Cucumber to Lose Weight


Do you like cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)? If so choose short and bitter varieties. Choose organic varieties so you can eat the skin and peel as little as possible. Avoid salting cucumbers, rather soak them in apple cider vinegar

Cucumbers contain anticancer substances

Like many plants of the cucurbitaceae family, cucumbers naturally contain curcubitacins (substances of the terpene family), including cucurbitacin C; These cucurbitacines are responsible for the bitterness of the plant. They have anti-inflammatory properties and can, in vitro, inhibit the growth of cancer cells or even destroy them. Unfortunately, many varieties grown are bred to suppress bitterness, hence cucurbitacin C is not as high in many varieties.. 

It is better to consume it with the skin

The cucumber has antioxidant properties… provided you do not peel it! Studies show that the skin of the cucumber contains phenolic compounds with a slight antioxidant activity. If the cucumber is grown without pesticides, eating the entire cucumber presents no health risk. Despite this, the antioxidant potential of cucumber remains much less important than that of other vegetables such as sweet pepper, broccoli or cabbage. But because it is part of the vegetables frequently consumed, it does contribute to the daily intake of antioxidants.

It promotes satiety

With 95% of its weight consisting of water, the cucumber is ideal for people who want to limit calorie intake. It contains very few calories and has a very high index of satiety. They can be a great part of a “volumetric” diet. This type of diet consists of foods with low energy density (rich in water, fiber, Low in fat.) Eating raw vegetables 15 minutes before a meal reduces the number of calories consumed during meals was reduced by 12% on average. The effectiveness of the volumetric diet is a result of participants feeling less hungry.

Can a Cucumber help with weight loss?

Chewing food promotes the release of histamine, which induces satiety but also allows to attack abdominal fat. Japanese researchers have analyzed the masticatory index (MI) of more than 100 common foods. Verdict: with an IM of 3327, cucumber is one of the foods that requires the most chewing. A recent study also reported that women who often consume high-masticatory foods like cucumber are thinner than those who eat mostly soft foods.

Is a Cucumber Good for your skin?

Take a cucumber out of your fridge, cut it into thin slices, apply them on the face. Allow it to sit there for 15 minutes. It has been found that cucumbers help hydrate your skin and can remove puffiness under your eyes. Its effectiveness in this process is mainly due to the fact that the cucumber is cold and very rich in water, which gives it a toning and moisturizing effect. 

It is good for the heart and vessels

The skin of the cucumber contains a protein called peroxidase, also present in other vegetables such as horseradish. This peroxidase could reduce cholesterol and triglycerides and thus reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It would also have anti-diabetes virtues by decreasing blood glucose and would be able to protect some tissues from oxidation.

Overall cucumbers should be part of your diet due to their many benefits, plus they taste good!

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