Affordable Dental Implants: Consider the Mexican Destination

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Do you consider traveling abroad to improve your smile? Dental procedures are the most demanded among international medical tourists. Mexico can be an excellent option to receive dental care at a lower price. Doing your dental implants in Mexico has many advantages: patients can enjoy a fabulous vacation, explore a new culture, get new teeth, and save a lot of money. So, before you start heading off to pack your luggage to Mexico, you should consider checking the Bookimed medical platform at in order to choose the best dentists, clinics, and find answers to FAQ. 

What Does Motivate Medical Tourists Doing Implants in Mexico?

The price is the main reason why dental tourists consider Mexico. Healthcare costs are more affordable compared to the United States of America. The reasons are simple: the cost of living in Mexico is cheaper and the salaries of medical workers are lower, and they make up the bulk of the price of teeth. Can you imagine that the price of a single dental implant in Mexican clinics is around $2,000 more inexpensive than in the USA, even including the cost of a hotel and travel? If you’d like to know the average prices for implants in Mexico, you can check them on the Bookimed site at It is a trustworthy medical tourism platform for getting medical services worldwide. They can help you organize a trip, choose a clinic where the best specialists work. Therefore, you can expect a fantastic outcome.

Most American and Canadian patients choose such Mexican cities as Puerto Vallarta or Cancun for their dental implantation. There are many dental clinics there  that offer a one-day treatment, which is convenient if you have a busy schedule. In some instances, your dental treatment will require several visits to the clinic. Besides, these destinations are the best for holidays, which you can combine with the treatment.

State of Dental Medicine in Mexico

There are a lot of highly professional dental implantology specialists in Mexico. Each specialist is highly educated and well-trained to meet the international standards. Most clinics have access to up-to-date technologies, and they use advanced instruments and branded materials. In order to attract inbound medical tourists, Mexican dentists pass international exams, possess certificates, and follow all dental industry trends. Bookimed partners with clinics and doctors who have international affiliations with the American Dental Association or the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, you’d better deal only with certified clinics which can guarantee a quality of their dental implantation treatment. If you book your dental appointment via the Bookimed platform, the trip will go smoothly, and the chance to experience even little complications or customer care concerns is minimal.

Dental Implantation Procedure

There are three main components: an implant, an abutment, and a crown. The dentist inserts a dental implant into a patient’s jawbone, so it replaces your natural tooth root, making it more stable. The core function of the abutment is to connect the crown to the dental implant. What we call the crown is your new artificial tooth, which the dentist places on the abutment. A qualified implantation specialist knows how to make your smile beautiful and natural looking. He can easily choose the most matching shape and color for your teeth, so other people will think it is your natural teeth.  

Dental Implant Procedure: How Is It Processed?

In most Mexican dental clinics, international medical tourists are required to make two visits to the clinic in order to complete their implantation treatment thoroughly.

  • The first trip to Mexico

In the beginning, patients have to get CT scans and X-rays images. It is the only way for your doctor to examine the bone structure of your mouth. Such exams are essential to evaluate the patient’s teeth and bone conditions. During the first consultation, you will discuss all the details of the upcoming procedure. The next phase is to do the tooth extractions and place dental implants. 

  • The second trip to Mexico

Patients are expected to return to the Mexican clinic in 3-6 months. Your dentist will fuse the bone and implant together. This dental process has the name “osseointegration”. It is a critical phase of the procedure as it ensures a stable base for your new tooth crown. During this medical trip, the dentist will place the abutment and crown to accomplish the dental implantation process.

What Are The Factors Influencing the Duration of an Implant Procedure?

  1. Whether a patient has to extract a tooth/teeth.
  2. The state of a patient’s bone in the jaw.
  3. The individual case for fusing a patient’s bone with the dental implant.

How Much Do Dental Tourists Save in Mexico?

The approximate price for a high-quality titanium dental implant (including a standard abutment and crown) is $1,400. In contrast, the same dental procedure in the United States of America will cost you around $3,600. It is true that dental implants are not very cheap, but it is the only permanent solution to have natural-looking, stable, and healthy teeth. As soon as the recovery phase is finished, you will feel no difference in your own teeth. 

How Can You Get Started?

Do not waste your time! Send your online request to Bookimed for free. You can contact the team via email, online chat, or phone. A consultant will help you find reliable dental clinics and experienced surgeons and compare dental implant prices. Do not forget to check patient reviews, before-and-after photos, and clinic photos to make the first impression and find the motivation. Start your dental trip to Mexico right now!

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