Adama Minerals Hydrating Cream

Hydrating Cream
Are you looking to look a little younger, while using less product that only covers up the wrinkles? If so Adama Minerals hydrating cream is the solution.
Wearing these creams doesn’t just help make your skin look younger, it keeps your skin extra moisturized, restoring balance and hydration in your complexion, which helps prevent premature aging. On top of that, any damage that’s already been done will get a nice hit of ginseng tea extract, which is known to help brighten and tone the skin. 
This collagen boosting wrinkle defense day cream combines anti-wrinkle fruit peptides from Hyaluronic acid & Cloudberry seed oil to help prevent wrinkles and tighten the skin.
Combine use with  the Ageless Clay SC – Mega Moisturizer with APPLE STEM CELLS  also available from Adama to eliminate those wrinkles.
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