A Vaper’s Paradise: 5 Great Gifts for the Vaper in Your Life

While the number of cigarette smokers is falling rapidly (from 1.14 billion in 2000 to 1.1 billion now), when it comes to vaping, it’s a completely different story. In 2011, there were only about seven million people vaping; however, by 2016, that number reached 35 million. It’s expected that by 2021, the number of vapers will exceed 55 million.

Pretty impressive, right?

With the popularity of vaping increasing steadily, there’s a good chance you know a person (or 10) who enjoy their e-cigarette. If this is the case, then when it comes to buying a gift, you know just what to get. Thanks to the growth in use of e-cigarettes, manufacturers now offer all types of accessories, e-liquids, mods and other products that enhance the experience even more.

Regardless of if you are shopping for a holiday gift, birthday present, or “just because,” using the ideas here will help ensure your gift hits the mark. Are you ready to get started? If so, feel free to dive in and consider the five products mentioned here.

  1. Starter Kits

Do you know someone new to the world of vaping? Or, perhaps someone who is interested in getting started? If so, why not give them a bit of help by choosing one of the various starter kits available on the market today. This offers one of the best ways to begin vaping, because these kits are both efficient and offer a very flavorful experience. Pair the starter kit with a few popular e-juices and you have a gift that’s sure to please.

  1. New or Unique Flavors

Believe it or not, everyone needs something new and different from time to time. If you are looking for a gift for an experienced vaper, why not choose some e-liquids they have never tried before. There are hundreds of options to choose from, (after all the e-juice market has exceeded $4.77 billion) and you can even find special “flavor packs” that feature several flavors that are considered to go together. What a great gift to give!

  1. The Right Coil

Is a vaper that you know into making those massive clouds of smoke? Are they looking for new and effective ways to do that? If so, consider the purchase of a new coil. There are several large coils available today that are able to be vaped at as much as 120 watts. Not only will this provide a superior vapor cloud, but it also helps to maximize the overall flavor experience.

  1. The Right Accessories

As mentioned before, e-cigarette companies are always searching for new ways to help vapers enhance their experience. As a result, there are all types of accessories for vaping. If you are buying for the vaper who has it all, then consider some of the popular accessories. These include things like e-cigarette cases, an e-cigarette stands, or even lanyards for the user’s e-cigarettes. These are great items and something they are sure to love.

  1. New Batteries

 While this gift isn’t quite as exciting as the others, it’s something that every vaper needs to enjoy their hobby. Why not purchase a few, high-quality batteries. This will ensure they can continue using their e-cigarette throughout the year and enjoy hours of fun and vaping.

When it comes time to buy gifts, for any reason, for the vaper in your life, the items here are great things to consider. They will provide hours of fun and enjoyment, and are definitely going to be a thoughtful and appreciated gift.

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