A refreshing way to enjoy the benefits of Korean Red Ginseng


This  new beverage line is designed to satisfy the rapidly rising demand for natural herbal drinks. HSW is the modernized hydration version of HongSamWon, the most traditional beverage in the CheongKwanJang product family. HongSamWon is a cherished top-tier herbal tonic available worldwide including in the US, Japan, South Korea, and China. 

The new HSW line is made with fully mature 6-year-old Korean red ginseng specifically formulated and is available in three flavors: Original, Sparkling, and Unsweetened. Each version contains only natural ingredients and may be consumed at any stress point throughout the day because they are all caffeine free. Its refreshing taste and healthy energy makes it the ideal beverage post-exercise or in the midst of a hard day. In addition, each bottle contains less than 40 calories with no artificial sweeteners or GMOs added. 

HSW Rebuild

HSW Rebuild is an original drink infused with Korean red ginseng. It contains balanced amounts of reishi mushroom, ginger, goji berry, and honey for a healthy body. It is the perfect drink for those wanting adaptogens to help recharge their energy levels throughout the day. Available in 12 fluid ounce (355ml) bottles.

HSW Sharp

HSW Sharp is a sparkling drink containing balanced amounts of Korean red ginseng, elderberry, ginger, goji berry, and reishi mushroom. It is a great drink for adults seeking nootropics to help improve their concentration at work or study. Available in 12 fluid ounce (355ml) bottles.

HSW Chill-out

HSW Chill-out is the drink for those who prefer unsweetened beverages. It contains Korean red ginseng, vitamin c, chamomile, lemongrass, and goji berry. It is caffeine free and 100% natural without any artificial ingredients. Available in 12 fluid ounce (355ml) bottles. 

For more information, please see kgcus.com/pages/hsw

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