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Backyard gardens are a great way to boost your food supply and add some natural beauty. An increased interest in organic gardening has led many to try their hand at growing their own food. Even apartment buildings in large cities are starting rooftop greenhouse gardens. Many flowers and vegetables can be grown in the ground or in raised beds. These choices, however, leave plants exposed to wildlife and inclement weather. They may die or be eaten by animals.  A greenhouse can keep your plants warm and healthy, even in the winter months.

Find the Right Size

You don’t have to have to have acres of land to have a greenhouse in your yard. Greenhouses come in various sizes, allowing all homeowners to give their green thumb a try. A small greenhouse can support a luscious herb garden, or an assortment of wildflowers. A larger one can grow vegetables like tomatoes or peppers in large pots. Individuals with large amounts of land may even wish to have more than one greenhouse for different types of plants. Many greenhouses can fit nicely in the corner of your yard, leaving you plenty of room for other backyard festivities.

Surviving the Winter

When the cold weather sets in there are many plants that do not survive the season. If they do, the majority of their foliage wilts or they die off close to the root. This makes them take much longer to rejuvenate in the spring.  Many people spend the winter months covering their plants with blankets every evening, or hauling them indoors for several weeks. Each specific plant has a preferred temperature range. A greenhouse can keep your plants stable on days where they may not do well with the temperature. The energy of the sun trapped inside the greenhouse ensures their warmth.

Cut Costs

A quality greenhouse can help you save money, as well. Plants that do not get what they need may die and have to be replaced. This can make your garden efforts incredibly expensive. A successful vegetable garden can also make a positive change to your grocery bill. You can grow a variety of items, or pick a few to specialize in. If you eat a lot of salads, you may want to focus lettuce and tomatoes. If you enjoy tea, you may like to grow ingredients like mint and chamomile. Think about food items that you spend money on each time you take a trip to the grocery store. Even growing just a small amount can save money.

Greenhouse varieties have made it possible for anyone to have a sustainable garden in their backyard. There are even some small varieties that can fit on an apartment patio. Make a plan for what you desire to grow and do a little research before you shop. Be sure the plants you choose are going to fit in the greenhouse. Your new greenhouse can help you keep your plants healthy, save money, and enjoy a part of nature all year around.

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