A Game-Changing Limited-Edition Cereal for Health-Conscious Consumers

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Catalina Crunch®, a leading natural cereal brand, is thrilled to announce its partnership with esteemed athlete Jalen Brunson. Together, they are launching a limited-edition Honey Nut With Almonds Cereal that not only highlights Catalina Crunch®‘s commitment to providing protein-forward and nutritious options but also encapsulates the essence of Jalen Brunson’s dedication to peak athletic performance.

Jalen Brunson, recognized for his exceptional skills in the NBA, will be featured on his favorite Catalina Crunch® cereal flavor, Honey Nut with Almonds. This limited-edition product aims to emphasize the importance of incorporating high-quality, protein-rich ingredients into everyday diets, further underlining the shared values of both Jalen Brunson and Catalina Crunch®.

As a key player for the New York Knicks, Brunson has garnered a massive following and made a lasting impact on the league. Off the court, his commitment to mentoring and providing opportunities for the next generation has been a driving force in his continued success. Catalina Crunch and Jalen are excited to share that for every limited-edition cereal purchase, one bag of Catalina Crunch’s cereal will be donated to City Harvest, one of New York City’s largest food rescue organizations.

“We are thrilled to welcome Jalen Brunson to the Catalina Crunch® family,” shared Krishna Kaliannan, the CEO and Founder of Catalina Crunch®. “His dedication to health and performance at the highest level perfectly aligns with our brand values and presents an exciting opportunity to further emphasize the importance of delivering innovative and delicious products that support a healthy, active lifestyle.”

Catalina Crunch®‘s extensive line of cereals, cookies and snacks has gained widespread recognition for its emphasis on providing cleaner products that are low sugar and high protein without compromising on flavor. This collaboration serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to catering to the needs of health-conscious individuals, including athletes and fitness enthusiasts, who prioritize protein intake in their diets to support their active lifestyles.

“As an athlete, it’s critical for me to fuel my body with the right nutrients. Catalina Crunch®‘s protein-rich products have fueled me both on and off the court,” shared Jalen Brunson. “I am thrilled to collaborate with them on a cereal that not only tastes great but also helps me maintain a balanced and protein-forward diet.”

About Catalina Crunch®
Founded in 2017 as a leading DTC brand, Catalina Snacks® uses breakthrough science and food technology (no magic nor wishes) to make food nutritious, while continuing to focus on delectable taste and texture profiles. The brand’s mission is to make healthier foods that are accessible and convenient for a variety of lifestyles, while simultaneously delivering on amazing taste and nutrition content. The Catalina Crunch® brand offers a robust line of healthy and delicious products including Cereal, Sandwich Cookies, and Crunch Mixes, all of which are keto-friendly, low-sugar, low carb, and higher in protein.

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