A Few Trendy Treatments You Should Know About

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Cosmetic treatments have seen a rise in popularity recently, thanks to their wider availability, decreasing prices and increasingly promising results. But these aren’t just your average marketing points that the industry makes to convince people into trying out some treatments for themselves. The industry has seen a pretty rapid rise, all thanks to a change in the outlook on cosmetic treatments.

Nowadays if you live in a big city anywhere in the United States, you’ll find many cosmetic spas and clinics, each of which have their own roster of treatments and packages for their clients who are ready to try out something new. And so we’ll be looking into a few of the most popular treatments that have been rather trendy recent years and have sparked great interest in many people. MiracleFace MedSpa wants you to know about a few of them, which includes but isn’t limited to Coolsculpting, Cooltone and the Sculptra NYC treatment plans.

Not only is this a little reminder that these treatments exist, but also that you can easily sign up for an appointment for any of them and be on your way to getting a little change in your life.


If at any point in your life you’ve felt like you’ve let yourself go a little bit, then you know that hassle that comes with routine exercising, strict diets and the overall healthy lifestyle. Sure, it’s the most natural way to keep your body fit, but it’s not something everyone is capable of as a result of their busy days and very limited free time. It really is unfortunate that we spend more time at work than look after ourselves, but this is the reality for many people across the country.

Which is why modern science and medical technology has provided a very easy way out of this conundrum with a special treatment capable of trimming away unnecessary layers of fat, without the often harsh side-effects and recovery periods that come with other fat reduction treatments.

Coolsculpting uses specialized suction cups, which clamp onto the skin and begin pumping a steady stream of cold air. The cold temperature stimulates the fat cells in that area of your body to go into apoptosis, a process where the cells shrivel up and die out, getting detached from the rest of the fat clump as a result. In the end, these inactive cells are then absorbed into the rest of the body and naturally evicted. Essentially, with the right stimulant, you can convince the fat cells into committing cell suicide and in the end, tone that particular area of the body.

There are no injections required, your skin doesn’t need to be cut open; everything is done externally and the only side-effect you have to fear is the aching you’ll feel immediately after the procedure, since your skin is having such a rapid change in heat.


While Coolsculpting focuses on the fat buildup and how to thin it out, Cooltone puts a greater emphasis on the muscles.

Part of looking fit isn’t just about having less fat, but having stronger, more chiseled out muscles. The specialized magnetic technology utilized in the Cooltone treatment sends waves of electromagnetic energy through your muscles, causing them to contract at very rapid speeds. When they do this, they naturally get strong and firm, as if you were vigorously exercising and with a lot of momentum.

This makes it a very easy convenient way to tone and bring out muscles in specific areas of the body without having to spend hours at the gym. Much like Coolsculpting, Cooltone is a non-invasive procedure, as it does not require any incisions or injections, being performed completely outside the skin.


Sculptra injections function much like standard dermal fillers; they lift and shape certain areas of the body, smoothing out the skin and bringing out the vibrancy. But whereas dermal fillers work with the face, Sculptra works on the buttocks.

Bigger, rounder butts are a big trend at the moment and many people wish to see themselves with a natural-looking, rounded out posterior. Obviously there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a slimmer one, but as with any other trend, some people simply want to enjoy themselves in a different light.

The Sculptra compound is injected into key areas of the buttocks, where it lifts and firms up the butt to make it look naturally plump and thicker. It also gives it a natural-looking shape and form, which is also really important, since it’s so easy to tell when a posterior is naturally big vs when it was treated. You can take a look through some before and after photos to see for yourself just how good the results look, as the added curvature really works to highlight the beautiful contours of the body.

And thanks to the compound being super safe, many clients all across the world are confidently going into clinics and leaving with more attractive curves.

Try All These Out With a Clinic You Can Trust

No matter how advanced a treatment it might be, as well as the tools and equipment it requires, you’ll need to find a good clinic if you wish to see great results, since high-quality tools also require an experienced pair of hands to operate them. You shouldn’t just settle for the first option that comes up, but rather be a little more prudent in your decision.

MiracleFace MedSpa will make sure that you won’t regret any decision you make. Their Coolsculpting, Cooltone and Sculptra NYC treatment plans are famous across the city as some of the most reasonably priced, allowing for a wide range of people with varying financial backgrounds to enjoy the privilege of modern cosmetics. This is what differentiates MiracleFace MedSpa from the competition: it’s their willingness to see more satisfaction on the faces of the people who visit the clinic.

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