A Car Accident – what to expect after.

car accident

It is simply terrifying to get involved in a car accident, no matter if you are the only one who gets hurt, or there are also other victims. The experience itself is traumatic, and the steps you will follow will decide if you will recover fast, or you will have a long road to go. For the following period, you will experience multiple types of emotions, but it is important to be prepared and to know how to handle the situation. The majority of people are in shock after they are hurt in a car accident. When the shock will fade, you will experience a mix of feelings that will last for a long period if you have to deal with a difficult physical recovery.

People simply feel powerless when they get involved in an accident, because they were not prepared for this traumatic event, and they do not know what to do. This is why it is important to be prepared, and to read guides on how to handle this type of situation.

Physical symptoms you may experience

According to your medical condition you may experience a wide array of symptoms, but there are great chances they to be mixed with emotions similar to the ones of depression, anxiety and shock. They are signs that your body is stressed out, and all you have to do is to relax and you will start feeling better. For a period you may experience insomnia because of nightmares, or because you are afraid that you will get involved again in an accident.

You may also notice that you have periods when your heartbeat is racing and you have the sensation of dry mouth. It is something normal the following days and even months to feel fatigue and low energy levels, because your muscles are in tension and you are dealing with pains and aches due to the accident. In addition, it is something normal to have headaches because you have experienced a traumatic event, and some people even have stomach distress.

You may be scared of not getting again involved into a car accident and because of this, you may be hyper vigilant for a period of time.

Mental symptoms

There are great chances for you to have difficulties to concentrate on certain tasks for a couple of days and to feel confused. They are results of the trauma, and you should not worry, even if you notice that you forget certain things. In addition, you should expect the period following the accident to have flashbacks or intrusive memories.

Emotions you may experience after a crash

  • Disbelief, denial or shock

For a couple of days you will be in shock. Different people experience shock in different ways, but some common symptoms are emotional distress, numbness, fear and mood swings. These symptoms are experienced not only by the driver but also by the passengers, so if you were injured in an accident, or one of the persons who were in the car was, then it is something normal to experience these emotions.

  • Agitation, irritability, anger

If you were the driver of one of the cars involved in an accident, then you may consider the other driver guilty of the accident, and you may feel angry with them. Also, as a passenger you may feel angry with the driver who caused the accident. This anger is taken out to the persons around you, even if they were involved in the accident or not, and you should know that this reaction is caused by stress, and you will be able to control it soon.

  • Self-blame, shame, guilt

When you get involved in an avoidable accident, and you are the driver of the car you may blame yourself because you have not reacted on the moment to prevent the accident. Also, there are situations when the witnesses of a car accident blame themselves because they were not able to offer first-aid and one of the victims is feeling worse now. It is important for you to understand that you did your best considering the given situation, and these expectations of yourself are not realistic.

Actions to take after the accident

Report the accident

There may be people who may recommend you not to call the police, but you should not listen to their advice and report the car accident. If you report it later or you do not report it at all, you will not have evidence to fill for getting the accident compensation. Also, the other driver may accuse you of causing the accident even if you have not done it.

Document the accident

If you were not injured because of the accident, you should start documenting it immediately, because every detail matters. If you seek professional help they need complete evidence in order to help you get the compensation. Make sure all the documentation is organized and accurate. Do not throw anything until you do not talk with a professional, because they know what details are important and which are not.

See a doctor immediately after the accident

There are people who refuse medical assistance because they consider that they experienced only a small injury and they are in no danger. However, it is advisable a medical expert to check your state and diagnose you. There are symptoms that develop later after the accident, and it is important to inform a doctor on how you feel. When you are injured in a car accident you should go to an emergency room, because they will do a full physical check, and they will see if you need to stay in the hospital or you can go home. In case you hit your head during the accident then it is recommended to check if there is any head injury, because the symptoms for this type of health issue do not appear immediately.

Also, you should go for a check to your regular doctor, because they will know if you need treatment for the symptoms you experience after the accident, or they will get better as you start to relax.

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