8 Common Misconceptions People Still Have About CBD

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There is no hide in the fact that CBD has now become mainstream. People everywhere seem to talk about the benefits it can bring for those struggling with anxiety, depression, sleep disorders or chronic pain. The testimonies of those who benefited from the use of CBD convinced researchers they need to take a closer look at this miraculous supplement.

Numerous studies now serve as proof that CBD is safe to use and has tremendous health benefits. But even though CBD became so popular, people are still reluctant to try it. This happens because it became associated with a series of misconceptions. We are listing a few of these myths here, together with the actual facts.  

CBD will get you high

CBD is derived from the hemp or marijuana plant, but it is one of the chemical compounds that have no intoxicating effects. THC is the chemical compound that gets you high, but people often think the two compounds are one and the same or can not work separately.

CBD does have a so-called psychoactive effect on your brain, having significant anti-anxiety properties. This is why it is widely used by people suffering from anxiety, depression or sleep disorders. Some CBD products, however, do contain small traces of THC (under 0.3%), but the amount is too small to have intoxicating effects. So, CBD can be qualified as being psychoactive, but it is non-intoxicating.

Hemp and Marijuana are no different

CBD is present in the marijuana plant, as well as in the hemp plant. However, most CBD used as a health supplement is extracted from the hemp plant. Hemp and marijuana are not one and the same thing, even though they come from the same plant family.

The biggest difference between hemp and marijuana is the fact that marijuana is high in THC, whereas hemp contains small traces of THC, but is high in CBD. This is why most CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant and only contains under 0.3% THC. Hemp and marijuana are regulated differently, precisely because they are not one and the same.

CBD products are illegal

Hemp farming became legalized all over the US under the 2018 Farm Bill, making all hemp-derived products legal, as long as they comply with the laws and regulations. So, you can take CBD oil, smoke CBD hemp flower or use topicals without any concern, as long as they are derived solely from the hemp plant.

Marijuana is still illegal in many states, meaning CBD products coming from the marijuana plant are also prohibited to use there. Check the state’s laws and regulations, as well as the CBD provider’s website, to determine the origin of the product and ensure you are not breaking the law.


CBD is highly addictive

No, you can not become addicted to CBD, no matter if you are using oils, capsules or edible CBD. In fact, one of the reasons CBD is used in treating pain is because morphine or other painkillers have actually turned out to be heavily addictive.

Some studies also show that CBD oil can actually block these addictive effects of morphine or painkillers, by actually reducing the pleasure your body feels when taking them. Other people have stated their need for opioids has been heavily reduced since taking CBD, keeping them away from developing a drug-seeking behavior.

All CBD products are the same

CBD products differ a lot in concentration, CBD extraction method and the way the plants are grown. This is why it is very important to test out various products as well as dosages, to discover the one that works best for you. Keep in mind that what works for your friend may not for you, even though you are both taking it as an anxiety reliever.

To make sure products come from reputable sources, read about the company’s cultivating, extracting and testing methods and ensure they comply with the legal requirements. Only buy products from companies that are certified and provide a list of ingredients used.

CBD will make you feel sleepy

Many people find CDB relaxing and it has been shown to help those using it sleep better, but CBD does not have a sedative effect and will not make you feel drowsy. This common misconception came from the fact that THC is known to make people less active, but CBD products only contain small traces of THC, which will not give out that effect.

Relieving anxiety and improving sleep are known effects of CBD usage, but they are very different from sleepiness and drowsiness. CBD may make you feel more relaxed, but it will keep you from performing your usual daily activities.

Only adults can use CBD products

States that allow legal use of medicinal or recreational marijuana have imposed age restrictions for users, but CBD products free of THC are safe for any age. In fact, it has proven very effective in reducing the frequency of seizures in children battling epilepsy. CBD is also believed to have therapeutic effects on children with ADHD, as a number of studies show.

Some researchers even stated that CBD is safer for children than aspirin. But even though CBD has proven safe for children, it is always best to consult with a doctor before using it for child therapy.

CBD will show up on a drug test

The misconceptions around CDB have made people who legally use it feel hesitant to admit it, or trying to keep it a secret. Many people are afraid that, if they take CBD for pain management or any other reason, their employer may discover it on a regular drug test.

Drug tests performed by employers usually scan for THC, not CBD, meaning you using CBD oil to sleep better at night won’t have any effect on the test. Even products that contain small traces of THC are safe to use because the dosage is too small to cause a failed drug test.

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