8 Common Hair Problems and How To Deal With It

hair problems

The natural hair movement started mainly for women with afro hair to embrace their hair texture and stop obsessing over ways to straighten their hair. However, the movement reached everyone, then for all of us to go heat-free and embrace our natural hair. With this natural hair movement, alternative methods started popping up to treat hair problems so we can all have the healthy-looking amazing hair we all aspire to have. The CG method, for example, focused on not only leaving the heat behind for good but to also drop products with harmful chemicals in them. Girls started their transition period with some anxiety about how their hair looks. But, after the transition period, many girls gained enough confidence to rock their natural hair look without a worry on their mind.

Everyone likes to wear their hair in different ways that represent them and their personalities. Women treat their hair like it was their crowns, however, unlike what media might convince us, men also care about their hair and the way they style it gives away who they are. Men, or women, everyone seem to be having different hair problems, but in the end, we all want these problems fixed. We have collected the most common hair problems and how to fix them.

1. Dandruff

A healthy scalp will grow healthy hair. Dandruff is like cancer to your hair, it causes hair loss and flaky scalp, which leads eventually to a dull- looking unhealthy hair. Surprisingly, seasonal dandruff, on the other hand, can damage hair more than all-year dandruff. Seasonal dandruff effect on the hair is more intense and causes even more hair loss. Treating dandruff starts with learning how to correctly wash your hair with the right medical products. Ignore the promoted cosmetic products that promise you dandruff-free hair from the first wash.

2. Flaky Hair

Many people confuse flaky hair with dandruff. While dandruff causes your hair and scalp to be flaky, it’s not necessarily vice versa. Flaky hair comes from the lack of moisture or the imbalance between protein and moisture in your hair. To fix this issue, you need a good moisturizing conditioner. Rinsing your hair once every two weeks with apple cider vinegar will fix a lot of hair issues, but mainly it cleans your scalp well which allows it to absorb moisture.  

3. Hair Loss

Shedding some hairs every day is completely normal for human beings and animals, even. However, when this turns into problems and you find yourself waking up in the middle of a pile of fallen hairs, it’s time to pay attention to this issue. You need to leave the heat and harmful chemicals behind you and treat your hair from dandruff. Yet, if you are still suffering from hair loss, it’s time to visit the doctor. Doing tests to find the reason behind your hair loss is the first step to treat your hair from thinning. You need to rule out stress, hormonal imbalances, and anemia if you want to make sure that your hair will not fall.  

4. Male Bald Pattern

Genetic problems that cause hair loss, especially among men, are treated a bit differently than normal hair loss. Genetic problems require more advanced solutions, rather than home remedies. Micro-needling solutions such as dermal pins also offer a great solution to restore follicles to solve hair loss issues.

5. Gray Hair

While some women rock their gray hair without a single worry in their minds, other women lose their self-confidence when they get the annoying first gray hair. Both parties have the right to do what they need to gain back their confidence and wear their hair like their crowns. Permanent dyes can fix the problem but it can damage the hair. Semi or demi dyes are way better when it comes to covering your gray hairs.

6. Split Ends

This problem is caused by many different factors that you need to avoid completely to have healthy hair. You need to make sure your hair is getting enough moisture and protein by using silicone-free conditioners. Over-washing your hair can also lead to this problem, the perfect amount for dry hair is once every week. For oily or greasy hair, washing your hair once a week is perfect while resorting to co-washing or rinsing with apple cider vinegar if you still feel your hair isn’t clean during the week.

7. Frizzy Hair Problems

If your hair isn’t moderately moisturized, it will be frizzy. Shopping for products that target frizzy hair when it comes to your conditioner and shampoo is the best solution to avoid this problem. You need to also make sure that you use a deep conditioner once a week to give your hair the moisture it needs to look shiny and smooth. If you are unsure about which products to buy, you can always ask a professional to suggest the right products for you.  

8. Damaged Hair

Dyeing your hair multiple times per year or using heat constantly can damage your hair leading to split ends and many other problems. If you feel that your hair is damaged, you need to lay off dying or using your curling iron for some time. Making sure to cut your ends every 2 to 3 months will do wonders to your hair to grow healthily. The CG method can be followed to drop chemicals without having a curly head.

Pay Your Hair The Attention It Needs

We all want our hair to have luster, for it to be thick, shiny, and healthy. However, some of us don’t want to go through the troubles. Caring for your hair doesn’t always mean endless steps and hundreds of products if you pick the right conditioner, and shampoo; give your hair a deep-conditioning treatment, and a hot-oil treatment every now and then, you will be good to go. The only thing is that you have to steer away from products that contain silicon and sulfates and throw away your curling iron and a hair-dryer for good.

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