7 Keto Diet Tips for Complete Beginners

ketogenic diet

Just like with the other diets, there are many fallacies about the keto diet and it is easy to be misinformed so it is important to learn all that you can, like all about fasting on keto from Revelation Health. However, if you are a newbie thinking about embarking on a keto diet, the following are tips and tricks to give you a glimpse of what to expect.

#1. Know the Ratios

A maximum of 20g-30g of carbs should be maintained on a daily basis. Also, protein intake should not be over or under-consumed as it is a tendency of many keto dieters. Consumption of 20 to 35 grams of protein every meal is the recommended amount. A good way to keep track of your macros is through a calorie tracking app or a food scale. This way, you can monitor and control your daily calorie intake.

#2. Be Selective With Your Carb Choice

The keto diet does not completely get rid of carbohydrates. Incorporating nutrient-rich carbohydrates is important while on a keto diet. For instance, non-starchy vegetables are an excellent choice while on a low-carb plan. Likewise, adding small quantities of low-glycemic fruits like berries and lemons in protein shakes are a good way to balance a keto diet.

#3. Have a Plan

Always have a weekly plan for your meals. Find a dependable source for your meal plans then make a budget. If you don’t have much time to prepare your meals, avoid picking complicated recipes. Be realistic about your choices and budgets as well. A good plan plays a huge role in the success of your keto journey.

#4. Be Prepared for Side Effects

As a beginner, you may experience some side effects because of the changes the body is going through. It is switching its main source of energy and as a result, you may experience the keto-flu which is categorized by dizziness, nausea, cramping, and stomach pains among other symptoms. You may also experience headaches due to dehydration caused when the body’s fat cells are losing water. So, it is important to drinks lots of water as staying hydrated stops most of these side effects. 

#5. Avoid Stressing Yourself

Stress works against the body’s ability to stay in ketosis. Chronic stress decreases the ketones as it produces stress hormones which increase blood sugar levels in the body. Create an environment that discourages stress by looking for approaches to help you get rid of stress.

#6. Find a Fellow Keto Dieter

Starting out keto diet or any other diet may be easy, but later, it may be difficult to stay on track. Finding a fellow keto dieter will help you get the desired results as you will most likely adhere to the diet. Look for other similar dieters on social media platforms and let them answer all your burning questions about the diet. Linking with other keto dieters will also help you motivate each other and stick to keto diet.

#7. Consume Good Salts

Naturally, the ratio of sodium is higher than that of potassium. A ketogenic diet reduces insulin levels and leads to more excretion of sodium leading to lower sodium levels and higher potassium levels. Consuming more on the good salts helps to supply the body with the required sodium amounts. Pink salt, pumpkin seeds, sea vegetables, and organic broth are some of the best ways of adding sodium to the body.


Adapting a new diet can be tough. A ketogenic diet, in this case, may have its downside that may make it a little bit difficult to cope at first but while looking at the big picture, it is quite rewarding in the long run. Know what to expect and deal with then look for strategies to help you through your diet journey.

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  1. I am new to this diet and I am anticipating some hardships. Great thing about keto diet is that you have a lot of support groups ready to help you. Thanks for letting us know what to do.

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