6 Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

Did you know that as many as 52% of men suffer from erectile dysfunction? If you suffer from this health condition, you know how embarrassing it can be. Not only does erectile dysfunction impact your sexual health and satisfaction, it can also put a damper on your self-esteem and self-confidence. The good news is that there are all sorts of treatment options that can alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Keep reading to learn about the top 6 treatments for men suffering from sexual health issues.

  1. Viagra

Viagra is the most commonly prescribed medication for treating erectile dysfunction. The drug dates back to 1998 and works by slowing an enzyme known as PDE5. This enzyme works within the tissues of the penis that are responsible for blood flow. By inhibiting this enzyme, blood flow in the area is increased. This makes getting and maintaining an erection much more successful.

The cost of Viagra has changed throughout the years, but most pills sell for around $10-$25. These numbers are also true for the cost of Viagra without insurance. Since most men don’t need to take the pill each day, the cost is relatively low, especially when compared to other prescription drugs.

If you’re looking to save money on your Viagra prescription, look into online pharmacies. Here you’re likely to find the lowest prices. As an added benefit, you can refill prescriptions online and your package will arrive in the mail. This saves you a trip to the doctor and to the pharmacy.

  1. Penile Injections

If you’re unable to take prescription drugs or haven’t experienced success with Viagra, penile injections are another option. The FDA has approved the use of alprostadil which, once injected, triggers an automatic erection. The medication is injected into the base of side of the penis and can help to maintain an erection for 40 minutes. Penile injections of alprostadil have an 85% success rate. Side effects include an erection that lasts more than four hours as well as a mild burning sensation.

Other injectable medications include phentolamine and papaverine.

  1. Urethral Suppository

Does the idea of injecting medication not sit well with you? If you’ve got a fear of needles and can’t take medication, there’s still hope for you! MUSE, a small alprostadil suppository, has proven to be successful in treating erectile dysfunction. The suppository is FDA approved and slowly dissolves once inserted into the urethra. The medication works quickly, often triggering an erection within 10 minutes. Most men reported an erection that lasted up to an hour. The side effects of suppositories are a little stronger when compared to injections including minor bleeding, burning, redness, and an aching sensation.

  1. Testosterone Replacement

If a doctor has diagnosed you with low testosterone, these levels could be linked to your erectile dysfunction. Testosterone replacement, which involves introducing testosterone into the body, can be delivered in various methods including:

  • Oral medication
  • Injection
  • Patch

It’s important to note that this treatment option should only be used by men who have been diagnosed with low testosterone. If your testosterone levels are stable, adding more to the mix isn’t necessarily the answer.

When undergoing testosterone replacement, be sure to keep in close contact with your doctor. This treatment option can cause a variety of symptoms including an increased risk of stroke and blood clots. There’s also an increased risk of acne, sleep apnea, an emotional effects.

  1. Penis Pump

Want to stay away from drugs and hormones entirely? If so, a penis pump, also known as a vacuum pump, may be useful. This device is placed over the penis and air is pumped out of the cylinder. This forces an increased blood flow into the penis. Once an erection is achieved, an elastic ring is placed onto the base to help maintain the erection. When used improperly, a penis pump can cause weak ejaculation, bruising, and numbness. With this treatment, the ring must be removed within 30 minutes.

  1. Sex Therapy

While erectile dysfunction is often linked to improper blood flow to the penis, there are other factors that can contribute to the issue. If you’ve tried treatment for ED but haven’t experienced any success, you may want to consider sex therapy. Psychological factors such as depression, anxiety, and stress can all impact your ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Performance anxiety is real and can ruin your sex life.

For some men, combination treatment is best. This involves the use of prescription medication as well as therapy, including couples therapy, to address the issue from a holistic view. By taking through mental and emotional issues, medications or tools like a penis pump can work more effectively and efficiently.


Suffering from erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to control your confidence or sex life. With these 6 treatment options, you can get back to feeling good about yourself both above and below the belt.

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