6 Natural Medical Solutions Still Hugely Popular in 2018

It’s 2018, and while humanity has found plenty of ways to keep stress down and take care of their health, not many acknowledge them, or they directly go the route of regular medicine to treat mild illness with treatments that can accost thousands of dollars and hit your pockets in unexpected ways. Professional services like Soriant Healthcare and National Bio Care provide support and consulting for all medical issues. Natural medicines solutions are seeing a resurgence, and they have been prevalent for quite some time with disciplines like acupuncture, homeopathy, and aromatherapy making their way into more homes across America to help us treat those ailments that are usually experienced when we feel distressed.

The following is a list of the more popular medical alternatives you can go to when you need relief from mild discomforts:


This discipline is probably one of the most controversial entries on the list since many professionals in the medical field consider it a massive scam while others regard it as a complementary solution. Physicians in this field use their knowledge of the human body to offer realignment of the muscle structure of our bodies and relieve tension by handling spinal manipulation techniques that put out muscles back in place and allow it to perform as it should at all moments. Despite being surrounded by controversy is widely accepted by many people in the world and it needs proper certification and medical training to be provided.


Another source of controversy in the medical world. The basic principles of homeopathy follow the same rules of standard medicine. They both need for a patient to go through an in-depth examination of all the symptoms of his ailment and offering him a tablet or a pill that will make him better — the main difference being the fact that most of the remedies advised by homeopathic doctors come from natural sources such as plants, roots, and natural synthesized minerals. While the discipline still has to offer a significant breakthrough, it seems to have positive effects on people experiencing mild ailments.


Acupuncture is a discipline that crosses the fine line between mysticism and practical medical treatment. It has existed for almost 500 years on record, and it comes from Asia. Acupuncture has evolved to keep up with the times, but the essentials are still there. The treatment consists of puncturing the skin with many needles on specific pressure points to drive out tension and relieve our muscles. The strategic location of the needles also seems to be able to control our anxiety levels as well as the urges generated by it.

Home Remedies

Not every single ailment should be treated with a pill when there are so many natural solutions out there to address discomforts that could happen at any time. These are some of the most popular treatments passed down from our grandmothers to our days: Apple cider vinegar is pretty good to treat acid reflux. Ginger root tea can be used to treat nausea and stomach sickness. A tablet of synthetized Magnesium can be used to treat headaches and constipation without the secondhand effects of Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen. Arnica can be used to treat our sore muscles. Lavender oil can be used to help you sleep, and saline flush can be used to treat the aftereffects of a cold.


Hot springs have been long considered a source of health in Asian countries for thousands of years now, and Balneotherapy is out there to follow the basic premises offered by the ancient knowledge found in these thermal waters. Modern Spas use a number of techniques derived from the recorded benefits of hot springs to treat all forms of anxiety, stress, and swelling such as the use of mud baths, or the placement of heated stones in certain parts of your nervous system and of course long baths prepare with mixed minerals that can help your body feel better.


A derivative technique from acupuncture but centered on pressure points located across your body. This discipline also has quite a few years of backstory, and it has been documented to reach some definite results when it comes to offering relieve in certain parts of the body. Practitioners usually combine their knowledge of human anatomy to a set of beliefs related to the existence of “meridians” and “chi” points located in our body that when activated release a flow of hormones that induce relaxation and relief from pain in our nervous systems.

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