6 Most Common Reasons Why People Refrain from Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

personal injury

Injuries are a part of life, but some of them can be excruciatingly traumatic such that they can have life-altering impacts. If we look closely, many a time, we are injured due to the negligence of someone else, but we do not tend to file a personal injury lawsuit for every injury we incur.

Such behavior will not be reasonable as well, but the concerning trend is that most of us do not even claim damages for those injuries which are life-altering. Therefore, we have listed here six most common reasons why most of us refrain from filing a personal injury lawsuit so that they can be addressed.

1. Fear of ruining someone’s life:

Most of the people feel that claiming damages for the injury caused by someone else’s negligence is heartless and vindictive. But, they often forget that the insurer of the culprit mostly covers these damages, and even if they are not, you deserve to be compensated for something that will have a significant bearing on your life.

2. Being Wealthy:

Being wealthy is also an important reason for people not filing lawsuits for their injuries because they feel that they can cover the medical bills themselves. But, they must realize that it is not merely about money. In fact, it is about getting compensated for the damages you incurred, and such lawsuits also help in preventing similar incidents in the future.

3. Lawsuits take a lot of time:

Whether you calculate the amount of compensation yourself or hire a competent Naqvi injury lawyer to do the work, trials can take up a lot of time. Resultantly, a lot of people find themselves demotivated to pursue such lawsuits.

4. Injury is not severe enough:

Some people may feel that their injuries are not severe enough for a lawsuit, but there is no provision in the law that your injuries have to be of a certain severity to be qualified for a lawsuit. Many injuries, especially those involving head blows, show their effects after a few days, therefore, never write off a head injury in haste.

5. Defendant does not have any money:

Some people refrain from claiming damages because they observe that the defendant does not have any money to pay for damages. But, you must always consult your attorney because the defendant may just be pretending to get out of paying the damages.

6. Social pressure:

There is a stigma attached to those who pursue personal injury lawsuits because such lawsuits seem cold and unforgiving on face value. This impression is also because some people file frivolous lawsuits just to get paid, but, during President Trump’s administration, such settlements in the United States have taken quite a bit of a hit.

In a nutshell, there must not be any embarrassment in filing valid personal injury lawsuits, because you are merely looking for the deserved compensation against the damages of the injury, which is quite fair.

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