6 Effective Ways to Shut Out Scorpions from Your Home

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Most of us strive for our entire lives to buy a home that can give us comfort and warmth within its confines. But, we are not the only ones who look to find comfortable shelter as there are some sneaky creatures called pests which happen to have visited almost every homeowner in the world.

Various types of pests exist in the world, and most of them adversely affect the health of your family. But, there exist some particular species like scorpions that can prove to be incredibly dangerous. Therefore, we have listed here six practical ways to eliminate scorpions from your home so that you can enjoy some peace of mind.

  1. Use the catch and release method:

You will have to opt for a more comprehensive approach if your home is infested with scorpions, but this method works fine if you wish to get rid of a few unwanted guests. If you happen to locate one, be cautious, and explore the humid places of your home like bathroom drains and shower recesses.

This method works by merely covering the scorpion with a wide-mouth plastic or glass container and sliding cardboard to cover the mouth of the container. Once you have it sealed, take the container outside and let the scorpion out in the open. If you are not comfortable with releasing it to the wild, then kill it humanely with a quick smack.

  1. Make your home less inviting:

Make sure that you cover all the external cracks and holes in your home, especially around the places which can serve as entryways to your home. For example, ensure efficient caulking around the plumbing, drains, vents, and other fittings so that the scorpion cannot infiltrate your haven. 

  1. Let the friendly spiders live:

Spiders love to feast on pests like scorpions, therefore, letting the friendly ones live can contribute to eliminating scorpions from your home.

  1. Utilize lavender plants:

Scorpions are deterred by strong smells like the one emanated by lavender plants. Therefore, plant lavender pots in various areas of your home, and if you do not wish to keep plants indoors, you can also use artificial lavender scents to keep scorpions at bay.  Lastly, there are also citrus plants that have a strong smell and can be used to keep scorpions at bay.

  1. Clean up:

Declutter your yard and make sure that you get rid of all the favorite hiding places of scorpions. They are usually found in places like piles of rocks, firewood, lumber, and compost. Therefore, keep such items away from the entrance of your home. As a result, you will be less likely to be visited by such guests.

              6. Use a pet:

Pets like cats are habitual for eating up bigger pests like rodents and scorpions, and it may sound a bit inhumane, but it is the most natural way of getting rid of them as per the laws of the food chain. But, be sure that the scorpion is not too poisonous because the ingestion of an incredibly toxic scorpion can do irreparable damage to your cat.

Lastly, if the infestation goes out of hand and you find yourself unable to handle it yourself, you will be better off by calling professional services like scorpion pest control.

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