5 Ways Drinking Alcohol Makes You Less Attractive

Even if you don’t have a substance abuse problem, you may want to consider abstaining from drinking alcohol whenever possible. Even occasional social drinking can cause biological changes that affect your health and your beauty. Certain health conditions that affect our appearances are aggravated by the chemical reaction that alcohol causes in the body, so reducing alcohol consumption may help improve your appearance. 

You Look Older 

If you’re concerned about what aging is doing to your body, you may want to lay off the drinking for awhile. Alcohol is one of the chief causes of rapid aging, because it acts as a force for suppressing vasopressin production. Vasopressin is a hormone in the body that prevents the kidneys from filtering too much moisture from the body. When this process is inhibited, the kidneys work twice as hard, filtering too much water from the body and depriving the organs of the body of necessary hydration. Your skin is one of those organs and, as it becomes deprived of moisture, it cracks and develops a pale, paste-like appearance. 

Skin Conditions Can Be Exacerbated 

Drinking alcohol is responsible for more than half of the cases of rosacea, according to a recent study. The condition causes the skin, particularly around the cheeks and nose to redden and develop pustules. Even in cases where rosacea was caused by other factors, drinking alcohol can cause the condition to worsen. Even if you don’t develop rosacea, your alcohol consumption may be to blame for pimples and other skin blemishes. Alcohol presence in the body increases blood flow, which causes the tiny blood vessels near the top layer of skin to dilate. As they become engorged, they often burst, causing redness and sores to develop on the skin. 

Bloating Can Be Blamed on Alcohol 

In addition to affecting the health of your skin, drinking alcohol can also cause you to become bloated in the stomach, face, and various parts of the body. The reason for this goes back to the burden you place on your kidneys when you drink. Since your kidneys are depleting your supply of water, your body responds by storing excess water, which it derives from everything you ingest, including your alcoholic beverages. The more you drink, the more water is retained for future needs by the body. This is what causes the stomach and face to become bloated.

Say Goodbye to Soft, Luxurious Hair 

The dehydrating effect of alcohol isn’t limited to your skin. It can also affect your hair, causing it to dry out and become brittle. Early indications of this may be frequent split ends that leave your hair looking frayed. Drinking alcohol causes a zinc deficiency in the body, which affects the quality of your hair and may promote future hair loss. For these reasons, you may consider abstaining from alcohol consumption, if you observe a noticeable change in the health of your hair. Even taking a brief break can help you restore the natural texture of your hair. 

Alcohol Causes Weight Gain 

Drinking alcohol can also cause hard weight gain, which is different from the bloating that occurs. When you consume alcohol, it wreaks havoc with the hormone balances in the body, significantly inhibiting testosterone production while increasing the levels of estrogen produced. In men, this means erectile dysfunction, inhibited sex drives, and an inability to build muscle mass may result. Increased estrogen causes weight gain in both men and women. Since there are different types of estrogen, weight gain can affect any part of the body, causing belly fat, increased breast fat, or fat accumulation in the legs and buttocks.


Quitting drinking now can help you control your weight more efficiently. Our physical health is directly related to our appearance, which is why alcohol can affect both simultaneously. If you’re concerned about how alcohol consumption is affecting your health and appearance, this may be a good time to consider drinking alcohol. Even if you’re not addicted, consulting addiction treatment specialists can help you quit. You may learn techniques for coping with social situations in which you would normally drink. Learning how to say no and to explore healthier alternatives will help you live a happier life and help you look your best. 


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