5 Useful Tips to Make your Hookah Taste Fresh


When we have hookah hangouts with our friends, we always want a smooth smoking experience to maximize our pleasure. Ideally, your hookah should be tasty and produce smooth hits rather than burning your throat. We often fail to prepare our hookah in the right way. This doesn’t involve science – just follow these easy tips to make your hookah taste fresh and enhance your smoking session.

1.      Use Cold Water and Ice:

The fundamental tip for preparing a smooth hookah is to use cold water. The water gets warmer in the base while you smoke, that’s why using warm water is not a good idea as it will become warmer. Moreover, you can also add a few pieces of ice in the water container to make your hookah taste fresh and smooth. This is the best trick to keep the water cool as the ice melts slowly and keeps the water temperature under control. However, ice can affect the taste of your tobacco.

2.      Use Fresh and Wet Tobacco:

The next vital tip to make your hookah taste fresh is keeping your tobacco or hookah flavor in a dry place. You should keep your tobacco in away from the direct sunlight in order to retain its taste. If you don’t have a plan to smoke for a long period ahead, store the tobacco in an airtight bag or container. Keep in mind that the essential ingredient of a tasty hookah is tobacco, so always buy the quality ones. Furthermore, buy the new stock of fresh tobacco flavors that are wet. If you have some old packs of tobacco, mix the old one with a fresh one to achieve new taste and experience. You can also try mixing two different flavors.

3.      Don’t Forget to Blow some Air out:

While smoking your hookah, gently blow some air out from time to time so that your hookah tastes fresh throughout the smoking session. Blowing the air out means you simply have to blow into the hose so that the air moves back to the bottle. This makes the air travel through the valve, ventilating your hookah. In other words, blowing out helps to replace the old smoke with the fresh one. Just make sure not to blow too hard; otherwise, the water will move into the bowl and will ruin your smoking session. 

4.      Use the Appropriate Amount of Tobacco:

Make sure you don’t exaggerate the amount of tobacco while preparing your hookah bowl. It is suggested to buy hookahs with vortex bowls to avoid the tobacco juice getting into the vase. Do not pack the bowl above the holes in the center of the hookah bowl. Fill the bowl in a way to leave some space between the foil and the tobacco. It helps to make your hits smooth and tasty for a longer period of time and also keeps the bowl holes clean of burnt tobacco.

5.      Take Care of your Hookah:

Remember to take care of your hookah. Your hookah has feelings too! So clean it after every hookah session. Always wash the vase, the bowl, and the stem. If you do not clean it every time, the remains of burnt tobacco and smoke will stay on different details which make your hookah tastes bad, not fresh. Also, remember to wash the hose too. Rinse the warm water through it and hang it somewhere. Do not pack the hose immediately after washing as it won’t be dried properly, thus produces an unpleasant smell. So, keep your hookah clean, and it will serve you for a long time.

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