5 Tips for Relocating Overseas

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Have you received an employment opportunity overseas? Moving abroad is an exciting adventure. The thrill of discovering a new country, learning the culture and meeting new people may send shivers of delight down your spine.

However, moving to a foreign country requires a fair deal of preparation, it’s not as simple as jumping on a plane and checking into a hotel. Here are five essential tips for moving overseas, take note of them and make your transition to your new home a smooth as possible.

1.    Assess Your Finances

Moving to a foreign country is expensive. The costs of the move, travel expenses, passports, visas, and accommodation can add up quickly. Before you book your ticket, analyse your finances to ensure that you have enough money to cover the move and your cost of living.

It’s a prudent move to ensure you have up to 6-months’ salary saved to accommodate expenses while you’re getting settled in your new home. You will also be using a new currency system, so make sure you understand the exchange rate and download a currency conversion app to your mobile device.

2.    Check the Validity of Your Passport and Apply for a Visa

Before you book your plane ticket, make sure that your passport is still valid. Most countries require your passport to have at least 6-months remaining before the expiration date.

Check with the government website of your new country and review the visa requirements for a working visa. Complying with all the elements for a working visa is critical. If you land in your new country without it, you will struggle to open a bank account or register for tax.

4. Secure Your Healthcare

Always expect the unexpected. Moving to a foreign country is exciting, but you need to prepare for the worst. If injured in an accident, you’ll need healthcare insurance to receive treatment. Speak to your current health care provider and ask them if they provide international coverage. If your insurance company doesn’t offer this facility, research healthcare options in your new country. Arrange coverage before you step onto your flight.

5. Plan Your Move

Moving Overseas? Here’s how to ship your stuff like the Pros. Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences of life, and it’s even more challenging when you have to move to a foreign country. Analyze the logistics costs involved and research on international shipping options, as well as storage facilities for your possessions while you’re searching for a new residence.

The Final Thought – Don’t Forget to Inform Your Bank.

Imagine the scenario; You move overseas, and upon your arrival at the airport lounge you order a cup of coffee as you think about the excitement of your first day in your new home country. As you take your first sip of the delicious brew, the barista informs you that the system has declined your card. You begin to panic.

It’s common for credit card companies and banks to block transactions on your card from overseas locations, due to the high incidence of international credit card fraud. Don’t get caught in this position, inform your bank and credit card company of your move and make sure they lift any international restrictions on your cards.

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