5 Perks of Naturopathic Medicine

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Naturopathic medicine has made a huge comeback in recent years, with people turning to a more “natural” way of promoting healthy bodies and handling illnesses. Naturopathy focuses on natural remedies instead of over-the-counter drugs or prescriptions. This practice can have some amazing benefits, five of which you’ll learn about if you keep reading.

  1. Preventing Disease

Naturopathic medicine focuses on eliminating the barriers that exist within the body which prevent it from healing itself. The body has many tools at its disposal that can help heal ailments and even create a healthier bodily environment so as to avoid future disease or illness.

Many of the treatments that naturopathic medicine offers are actually able to help prevent certain diseases and conditions, as well as aid in curing or managing pre-existing ones. There are thousands of herbs that each have their own benefits that the body can utilize to its advantage; everything from better digestion to reduced heart rate, and so on.

Prevention is, of course, the best medicine. If you can prevent your body from contracting certain conditions in the first place, you won’t need to stress the body’s systems attempting to cure said ailment. 

  1. Cleaner Body Systems

Herbs are an important part of naturopathic medicine, and one of the great benefits of certain herbs is their unique ability to help clean the body’s organs and systems. For instance, dandelion (yes, those little yellow weeds that grow in the sidewalk), fennel, and lemon, all have cleansing properties that help keep the liver clean. Marshmallow root and slippery elm are said to improve digestion and help clean the tract and keep everything moving.

Cleaner bodily systems equal less bacteria and fewer viruses hanging about, meaning less of a chance to contract an illness. The cleaner the inside of your body is, the better it will function, and the less hospitable it will become for invaders. 

  1. Safer than Drugs

 If you’ve ever seen an ad for a prescription drug, you probably noticed the laundry list of side effects the announcer proclaims at the end of the ad. Some side effects can be quite serious, with some drugs even listing death as a side effect!

The fact is, prescription drugs are far less safe than natural dried herbs and tinctures. Even with years of research and development and clinical testing, the side effects of some drugs can be devastating to the body and create further complications.

Naturopathic medicine is an excellent choice for those looking to lessen their dependence on prescription drugs or completely eliminate it. This brings us to our next point: cost-efficiency.


  1. Cost-Effective

How much do your prescriptions cost you per month? A few dollars? A few hundred? A few thousand without insurance? It’s no secret that the companies who manufacture these drugs are out to make a profit, and seem less concerned about the people who actually need them and more about how much they can fit in their wallet.

Take the company Mylan, for example. A few years ago, a voluntary recall by Mylan’s only competitor caused Mylan to become the sole provider for EpiPens, which if you didn’t know, are auto-injectors for people experiencing an allergic reaction. This can be life-saving medicine and is crucial to certain people’s overall health. So what did Mylan do? They hiked the price of their auto-injectors by 400%. Yes, you read that correctly. Four hundred percent.

With companies hiking prices, it can be nearly impossible to keep up with costs, especially if you don’t have insurance. Naturopathic medicine is normally much more cost-effective than traditional prescription drugs, and as we mentioned, often safer for the body as well.

  1. Increased Awareness

 Natural medicine takes a more focused approach to healing. The focus is on making the patient more aware of their body’s internal systems so that a better understanding of how the patient’s body functions will aid them in their healing process. The more you understand something, the better you can judge how to operate it, or, in this case, how to heal it.


Naturopathic medicine has its own special place in the medical field, with a growing interest in the field as prescriptions become more dangerous and costly. If you’re looking for an alternative or supplementary health program, naturopathic medicine might just be the right option for you.

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