5 Natural Ways to Maintain Your Weight Before (And After) Your Wedding

wedding weight loss

Getting married is a period of time in your life you’ll experience a lot of change. You’ll have a new partner, possibly a new home and some even get new surnames. But one thing that can quickly wreak havoc is a change in weight.

Don’t worry, we have a few effective ways to manage that particular challenge.

Who Needs This Advice?

Of course most brides opt for a pre-wedding diet. But what happens once you reach your ideal weight? Weight maintenance is important to ensure you fit into your dress. In addition, unique wedding rings can often not be resized so both men and women should try not to fluctuate in weight too much in the months before the big day.

So, how do you do that?

5 Easy Weight Maintenance Tips

Ease Yourself Out of the Diet Correctly 

If you started out with a diet, whether to gain or lose weight, you don’t want to be back at square one within a few weeks. A key technique is to transition gradually to your new lifestyle.

When you add or take away 200 calories a week after completing your diet you’ll easily monitor your weight and help your body stabilize.

Get on the Scale to Stay Accountable

Throughout the process, whether you’re still dieting or simply managing weight, you’ll have to face the scale on a regular basis. Daily is ideal but at least weigh yourself weekly. You can share this with someone such as a personal trainer or simply use it as motivation to make the right decisions in terms of meals and exercise.

What Exercises do You Really Love?

Your weight does not only depend on what you eat, your level of activity also matters.

The challenge: After an extreme diet helped you reach your goal weight, you may not have motivation to keep on exercising.

The solution: Find an exercise program you enjoy doing so you won’t slack off on this part of your lifestyle. Perhaps you prefer swimming to a gym circuit?

Even if you didn’t diet before, exercise will help you maintain weight in many ways such as managing stress. Before a wedding and during the first months of marriage, stress is imminent. For some this can lead to weight loss while others may gain weight because they eat more when stressed. Exercise will help counter the effects of tension on your body.

Managing Sleep Means Managing Weight

Maintaining weight is all about having a healthy lifestyle. You will benefit from less stress, and our body doesn’t have to compensate for anything by gaining or losing weight. You’ll also benefit from having energy so you can burn the necessary calories to maintain your weight.

Getting enough sleep is a prime role player in all these aspects.

Meal Planning Works, so Count Your Calories

If after all this you still don’t like what the scale tells you, you may need a more focused approach to meal times. Here’s the key to eating correctly: don’t buy what you know you shouldn’t eat.

This means meal planning must precede every grocery shopping session.

Final Words

Yes, maintaining weight does require some effort, but applying these tools from the start will take care of at least one concern on your wedding checklist.

It’s supposed to be the happiest time of your life—don’t let your weight steal your joy.

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