5 Health And Medical Trends In 2017

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We spend so much time thinking about how to take care of our finances, our cars, our homes, and an endless array of other things. But how much time do we spend on actually taking care of ourselves?

Maintaining good health has to be a first priority. After all, “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” Here are 5 trends in the medical, health wellness and beauty sectors that are showing strength in 2017:

1. A Focus On Brain Health

Your brain is the control center of your entire body. Anything that affects the brain, for good or for bad, has a ripple effect on the entire body. Thus, learning more about neuroscience and brain health issues, at online sites like Corpina, is a major trend. Natural supplements, mental discipline, and (where appropriate) prescription drugs may all play a role. But enhancing your ability to focus, remember, be alert during the day, and sleep properly at night are all admirable goals of studying how the human brain really works.

2. Plastic Surgery Is More Common

There are numerous reasons to get some form of plastic surgery, from medical restorative reasons, creating a better self image, boosting one’s confidence to purely aesthetic motivations. But the desire to delay the effects of aging and to enhance one’s natural beauty in a variety of ways has led to a spike in plastic surgeries in recent years. Las Vegas plastic surgery clinics are on the cutting edge of this trend, and it appears that trend won’t dwindle down any time soon. In fact, cosmetic surgeries will only become more popular in the years ahead.

3. Going On A “Sugar Detox”

In years gone by, “quitting carbs” was all the rage, but now it’s “sugar detox” that is the growing trend in health and wellness circles. It has come to light how the sugar industry steered the media wrong back in the 60’s as to the real culprit in heart disease (it was never so much fat as it was sugar). There is little agreement on which species of sugar substitute to use, or if natural sugars and honey are fine or not, but the war on white, processed sugar is in full swing in 2017.

4. Skipping The “Diet” Scene

Dieting is becoming less popular in 2017 compared to earlier years, and it may be a good thing. People have become conscious of the unproductiveness of going on temporary diets to lose weight and then suddenly cutting them off, returning to their former ways, and regaining all the weight they lost (or sometimes more). Permanent diet changes like vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, high-protein, and the like are popular. But going natural and organic as much as possible is also a trend.


Overcoming decades of poor dietary habits that have been ingrained into our culture may not happen in one year, but there are signs of hope.

5. High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

In the fitness area of health and wellness, the new trend is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is a system of combining short bursts of high-energy workout with short rest intervals between them. You might, for example, do 45 seconds of squats at rapid pace, then rest 15 seconds. You could then repeat that pattern for 20 minutes straight, or alternate exercise types but with the same 45-15 minute by minute breakdown.


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