6 Hair Care Tips for a Confidence Boost


Taking care of your hair is just as important as taking care of your body; and yet, many people treat the former as secondary. The truth is that hair that’s properly cared for shows a fullness and color that translates to the rest of your face, which inspires confidence. In addition to certain basic actions you should take for best results, finding the right hair care products for women revs your hair care into high gear.

First Order of Business: Brush Your Hair Twice a Day

Every single day, it is best to start at the ends of your hair to detangle the hair and then proceed to comb or brush your hair from the roots to ends. Try to spend about one minute brushing your hair in the morning, and then another minute doing the same at night. This untangles the locks and minimizes the breaking that occurs when hair hasn’t been brushed in a while.

If your hair is wet, comb it – do not brush until it dries fully. Of course, make sure that the comb and the brush do not retain oil, matted hair strands or any other build-up so as to eliminate bacterial growth in your hair. 

As you age and your hair naturally becomes thinner, hair growth products are proven to help restore much of the loss in fullness safely. You can do your part by fostering good habits in general hair care.

The Proper Way to Blow Dry Hair

Heat-styling your hair can damage your hair, so ensuring you have proper technique when using heat to dry and style your hair is important. Hair does not like excessive heat; thus, when you blow dry it, point the nozzle more downward instead of to the side, and use the lower settings. Even if you’re in a rush, don’t blast your hair with high heat – you’ll regret it over time. One of the effects of blow drying with high heat all the time, and using curling irons, results in damaged hair with reduced fullness and bland color. The simplest solution to getting your hair fully dry is to wait at least half-an-hour after washing it; then, blow dry it on the lowest setting.

There are protective treatments you can use, too, to help along the natural process. Find hair care products that work for you, and pre-treat your hair with the right ones before you blow dry it, in order to seal in some of the natural moisture that wards off split ends.

Basic Products to Use

As for the basics, you might want to swap out some of the old products you’ve used on your hair if you notice it thinning or losing its sheen. For example, by using an appropriate hair oil, you can help combat excess oil production. This may sound counter-intuitive; but if your hair errs on the oily side naturally, this may be minimized by sending the body a signal that oil is already available – so, it stops producing so much.

Castor oil is a good way to provide nourishment to your hair. It conditions the scalp to positive effect. Look for brands that have a tried-and-true effect for best results. As always, keep hair spray handy in case you need added fullness for an event or a special type of hairstyle.

Take Care of Your Body and Health

This shouldn’t be surprising, as your hair is simply an extension of your body. If you make sure to get enough nutrients, minerals and vitamins, then you’re putting yourself in the best possible position to have the best hair your body is naturally capable of. Your hair will often be one of the first signs you are nutrient deficient, eggs, avocados, proteins, and foods high in iron are good building blocks to maintaining healthy hair. In addition to your diet, proper hydration is important for healthy hair!

Combine this with proper direct hair treatment, the combing and brushing tips, and heat avoidance and you’ll elevate the quality of your hair to excellence.

Scalp Massages are Essential

You can do it yourself, of course, or you can add it to the list of requests you have of a significant other! The point is, the circulation you encourage works wonders for nutrient delivery throughout your scalp. It also helps detoxify it without the breakage that can occur with a brush or thinly-spaced comb. It’s best if the massage happens while your hair is already wet – take the opportunity to do this when applying the shampoo. Hair care is essential for both hair health, and the confidence that a vibrant head of hair induces.

Stop Stressing

It is often easier said then done, but try to relax and avoid as much stress as possible. Much like a lack of nutrients, stress will show signs in your hair, so try to reduce your stress as much as possible in order to have healthier hair. 

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