5 Fun Physical Activities For Adults That Burn Calories

A lot of people say that they don’t exercise because they don’t have enough time. However, you may be surprised to learn that one of the highest reasons on the list is boredom. Many don’t exercise as much as they should because they found workouts tedious. To combat this feeling, a good idea would be to choose fun physical activities. Here are some ideas that will help you burn calories without boring you.


For women, but not only, dancing is a fun way of burning calories. It is easy to find your rhythm when you’re blasting your favorite songs through the speakers. You might even sing along, and while that may not burn too many calories, the way you move to the beat will.

By playing up to eight songs, you will be able to dance for half an hour, and, if you do this every day, at least five times a week, you will hit the recommended weekly physical activity goal of 150 minutes. You won’t even realize when you’re burning calories, but you’ll know it when you’ll be able to fit into a favorite dress you could no longer wear due to some extra inches on your waist.


For men, other activities may sound more fun than dancing, and one activity that combines physical activity with fun is bowling. In just half an hour of bowling, you can burn up to 280 calories, according to studies, and you are to have a lot of fun in the process.

Should your spouse want to join in the fun, make sure you have a spare bowling ball so that both of you can hit the bowling alley, determined to blast the competition and burn some calories in the process.

Rock climbing

Many indoor facilities cater to those with a taste of adventure but without that many possibilities to climb a real mountain. Rock climbing, no matter where it’s performed, is a real test of your skills, strength, and dexterity. And, if you happen to go with a friend, you can compete with each other, for added enjoyment.

Live Action Role Playing

If you always thought that LARP is only for nerds and geeks, think again. It can be a pretty demanding physical activity, as it may involve wearing heavy armor, swinging a sword (or a spear), and running from your enemies. A weekend spent doing such activities will work wonders for your stamina, and you will also have something to tell your friends who haven’t joined you yet in such activities.


How many times have you heard that young people – and not only – are spending way too much time on their phones today? Since one of the dangers could be that you may end up being worse than a couch potato, you could combine your dependency on your smartphone with something fun that also burns calories.

The idea is simple: try geocaching! No matter what you want to explore, there is a world out there and treasures that wait for you to put in the mileage.

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