5 Cosmetic Surgery Investments That Can Restore Your Youth


Aging is an inevitable cycle of life that all inhabitants of our universe will eventually experience. Despite losing your youth being a crucial stage that does not discriminate between one person or the other, aging remains a horrible ordeal that many wish to escape. There is, of course, no shame in growing old. However, not many are content with the imminent lack of power and energy. If you fit the latter group, here are three procedures that you should consider to rejuvenate your face and restore some of the youthful glow that has been lost amidst the stresses of life.

1- Lip Fillers

The effects of aging on our lips come in the form of thinning and loss of volume. Therefore, to reverse signs of aging, you have to reverse its effects. Fillers can add a bit of plumpness and elevation to your lips. If you are ignorant on the topic of lip fillers, well then here is the subject in a nutshell.

There are two different types of lip fillers: temporary and permanent. Of course, we suggest you opt for temporary lip fillers, for if the results are not up to your standards, you do not have to live with the consequences for the remaining of your life.

Hyaluronic acid fillers (temporary fillers) are sugar derivates that are equal parts an excellent hydrating substance and provides natural-looking results. The success of the procedure relies on the delicate hands of your surgeon, so you should make sure to visit a reputable doctor. You can have the fillers dissolved by the aid an enzyme is used to break the particles of the temporary filler restoring your original look.

2- Teeth whitening

With time our teeth gradually increase in discoloration, therefore, restoring the glow of your teeth can erase the traces of old age. Not only would a brighter set of teeth rejuvenate your features, but it adds to your charm and boosts your confidence.

Although many worry the procedure would inflict a degree of damage to the enamel, the truth couldn’t be further from that. A bleaching gel is applied on your teeth, and with the aid of UV light, the gel particles penetrate through the porous surface to break down staining particles entrenched beneath the permeable membrane. The results are long-lasting and will require a strict routine of refraining from the consumption of caffeine and tobacco to preserve the results for a short period of time.

3- Eyebrow transplant

Another target of time is eyebrow hair that eventually loses pigment or thins out. Hair transplantation can increase the density of your eyebrow hair as well as reshape them for you. Whether you have waxed and threaded your hair into discipline, born with naturally thin eyebrows, or have had your eyebrows thinned over time, hair transplantation can restore or increase the thickness of your eyebrows.

Donor hair is extracted from the hair behind your ears for its compatibility with your natural brow hair. Microincisions are created around the eyebrows outlining your desired look. Once the incision making phase is over, the extracted hair is implanted in the channels marking the end of the procedure. Within months, the newly implanted hair will adapt to its new location and will generate permanent hair growth.

A major perk to the procedure is the flexibility that you can have with altering the shape later on. The results are entirely natural and behave exactly like natural hair where you can wax, thread, or even dye it if you desire.

4- PRP therapy

Luscious locks bring that extra glam for a healthy look, and PRP therapy is that minimally invasive procedure that lasts an hour. From your own blood, platelet-rich plasma is extracted and injected into the scalp. Platelet-rich plasma is a reservoir of growth factors that are necessary for promoting healthy cellular activity. In other words, growth factors will bind to follicular units and promote proliferation, prolonged anagen phases, and shorter telogen phases. Since the treatment utilizes your own cells, no side effects should be expected.

Depending on your degree of hair loss, you could need anywhere between one to eight sessions for full effect. The sessions are monthly, and the treatment needs to be repeated annually to maintain the results of the procedure.

5- Dental implants

Gaps between your teeth can age you at least a few years beyond your years, but worry not for dental implants can fix your dilemma. As a two-part unit that consists of a root that is entrenched in your jaw and a crown that could be made of an array of materials, dental implants can mimic natural teeth in function and blend in with your original teeth restoring your youthful smile.

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