5 Common Signs of Nutrient Deficiency


Following a balanced diet has multiple health benefits whereas lack of nutrients may result in a variety of health issues. You will find various symptoms as an indication that certain vitamins and minerals are lacking in your diet.

Following are the symptoms you need to look out for which are common vitamin and mineral deficiency signs.

1. Bleeding Gums:

Bleeding gum may be caused due to hard toothbrush bristles but another reason for this symptom could be the lack of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important as it prevents cell damage, heals wound and improves immunity. Vitamin C can be easily consumed through fresh fruits and vegetables and if you do not consume more of this daily, you will become Vitamin C deficient.

Other symptoms include slow wound healing, tooth loss, weak muscles, dry skin and you may feel lethargic. Make sure to include enough fruit and vegetables in your diet to eliminate this deficiency

2. Brittle Hair and Nails:

There are many factors that may cause brittle hair and nails and one of them is the lack of vitamin B7. Vitamin B7 is important as it helps in converting food to energy. Lack of this Vitamin can cause brittle hair and nails along with other symptoms such as cramps, muscle pain, tingling sensation in limbs and fatigue.

Causes of deficiency of Vitamin B7 include digestive disorder, heavy smoking or drinking, and pregnancy.

Adults with a deficiency can add egg yolks, dairy, fish, meat, nuts, whole grains, potatoes and bananas in their diet. Supplements can also be taken to eliminate the deficiency

3. Poor Vision:

We are aware that Vitamin A is an important nutrient for good vision. Low vitamin A intake can lead to vision-related issues including poor vision or night blindness. 

Vitamin A deficiency is quite rare, and the symptoms mostly vanish when the deficiency is treated. You can increase the intake of dairy, eggs, meat, leafy vegetables and carrots to get rid of this deficiency.

4. Scaly Scalp and Dandruff

If you are facing dandruff issues or patchy skin, it means that your body is unable to produce enough oil. Skin disorders can be irritating as well as embarrassing. Getting rid of scaly scalp seems to be next to impossible most of the time. Most people resort to washing their hair every day but that would not help as the issue is internal.

This condition is caused due to deficiency of vitamin B2, B3, B6 and zinc in your diet. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle can help you get rid of these symptoms.

5. Mouth Ulcers:

Patients suffering from frequent mouth ulcers lack iron or Vitamin B in their diet. Such symptoms can be eliminated by adding iron-rich diet in your meals and maintaining a balanced diet. Iron supplements can be taken for a short while to eliminate the symptoms.

The list can go on as there are many other deficiencies which lead to various symptoms. These symptoms can be eliminated easily by maintaining a well-balanced diet. Sometime when the symptoms are severe, you may need to take supplements so that your body can get the essential nutrients faster, but supplements also take some time to show positive results.

Through IV Vitamin Therapy, the vitamins and minerals can be directly infused to your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive tract hence these nutrients can be absorbed easily and faster by the body.

A body rich in essential nutrients can immune you from various ailments and function much better.

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