4 Ways To Ensure Your Cannabis Consumption Is Healthy

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Cannabis is now legal in 33 states (along with Washington, DC). More people are using cannabis each day, many of them for medical purposes. And more and more people in favor of legalized cannabis. The health benefits of cannabis continue to be studied and publicized, but many people are still uncertain as to the best ways to consume cannabis and the healthiest ways in which to do so.

Cannabis can be consumed in a number of ways. There are topical creams, which bring the cannabis in through the skin. There are edibles, which are ingested and enter the bloodstream though the stomach. There are also tinctures and oils that are ingested orally as well.  And finally there is the more traditional method of smoking cannabis using a bong or hand pipe. In recent years we have seen the advent of vaporizers, which actually heat cannabis to a lower temperature than is required for smoking and which do not create combustion.

Only Purchase From A Licensed Dispensary

When you get your prescription be sure to visit a licensed dispensary in order to purchase your medical cannabis.  And be sure to speak to your doctor and to the people who work at the dispensary to fully understand the effects of whatever strain you choose. Read stain reviews.  And be sure to consume safely and carefully, making sure you do not overdo it in terms of the amount smoked or ingested.  Dispensaries are sanctioned by the state in which they operate and should have paperwork prominently displayed.  If you are uncertain as to the source of cannabis do not consume it.

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 If Using Oils Or Concentrates Do Not Overdo It

If you are new to consuming cannabis for medical reasons it is advisable to start with dry herb.  Dry herb is the green budding cannabis that looks like a plant.  Dry herb (or flower, as it is sometimes now) is less intense than oils or concentrates. Many consumers overdo it when the consume oils or concentrates because they don’t realize how much potent these materials are. It’s always a good idea to start with just a little bit of oil and then see how you feel. Moderation should be your watchword whenever you are consuming cannabis, but even more so if you are using oils.

Make Sure Your Devices Are Clean And Free Of Debris

If you’re going to use a glass bong or a vaporizer to consume cannabis it’s a great idea to clean these devices regularly. Tar, ash and other gunk that gets released each time you use these devices can add unhealthy particulates to the pathways of these devices, and that can be ingested when you inhale.  The good news is that any good online headshop will sell cleaning kits for both glass bongs and for vaporizers.  There are also many online resources that provide information for how to do this at home, DIY-style.

Try Using Edibles If You’re Concerned About Your Lungs

For those who do not want to consume cannabis using  a glass bong, a hand pipe or even a vaporizer the best option is trying an edible.  Edibles typically come in the form of gummies or some form of baked good and are thus no different than ingesting a piece of food.  The process by which the THC in the cannabis is slower than if you smoke it, so be aware that the effects can take up to an hour to be felt.  Do not overeat (and be sure to check out a dosage chart). Many people do because they feel the edible is not working.  They work, it’s just more slow because the THC has to pass through the stomach and this is less direct than when smoke enters the bloodstream through the lungs.

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