4 Simple Ways to Clean Your Kitchen

kitchen sink

Don’t we all wish to eat clean and hygienic food? Sure taste is of great importance as well, but if the food is not hygienic then there is no point in good taste? Moreover, would you like to cook in a kitchen that reeks of grease or eat food cooked there? I doubt anyone would. Keeping a kitchen clean is crucial because if we eat clean food we are likely to maintain our health and avoid contracting food poisoning and similar concerns. Today we’ll discuss 4 easy ways by which you can clean your kitchen.

1.      Wash the Sink

Cleaning the sink is a significant thing to do, and many people tend to leave this out by merely rinsing the sink with water after they have washed the dishes. This mal practice needs to stop because it results in slime build-up, and if you continue to wash your dishes in such a sink then they too will not be as clean as they should be. Always make sure to wash your sink with non-toxic cleaners or a homemade detergent. This will leave your kitchen sink smelling good and looking shiny.

2.      Clean the Oven and Stove

In order to achieve a spotless and shiny kitchen, you should never make the mistake of overlooking the kitchen oven and stove. Every time we cook, grease and grime accumulate which ruins the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen, therefore make sure that you clean your oven and stove at least once a week. The best way to clean them is by using either a homemade detergent with borax, soap water and baking soda or by using a non-toxic detergent purchased from the market. Spray the detergent on the dirty area and leave it there for 30 minutes. Then remove the residue with water and a washcloth.

3.      Keep it Smelling Fresh

Imagine walking into a kitchen that smells rancid? A kitchen is a place where we cook our food that goes straight into our bellies. No one would want to cook nor eat food from a kitchen that smells foul, so make sure that you always keep your kitchen smelling fresh and clean. You can achieve a fresh-smelling kitchen by regularly taking out the trash, cleaning the kitchen sink, washing the dishes, keeping vases with fresh flowers, and opening the kitchen windows for a couple hours after cooking.

4.      Mop the Kitchen Floor

You can never achieve a clean kitchen by only cleaning the sink, cleaning the countertops and washing the dishes. You need to make sure that you broom the floor and mop it as well. This will give you a clean sparkly floor. You can make your own homemade mopping liquid solution or purchase one from the market. If you have a large kitchen then you would need a large bucket of water along with a mop to get the cleaning done. You can purchase mops from the market that come with a replaceable head. These are very convenient and mess-free.

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