4 Potential Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction

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4 Potential Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction among men is no small matter, but luckily, there are a variety of treatments on the market for it. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction specifically, or sexual dysfunction more broadly, have a variety of choices available to them to improve their sex life. Below are four different options, each with its own benefits and drawbacks, which may help. 

  1. Medication Targeting the Vascular System 

The most well-known drugs belong in this category — Viagra and Cialis, for example, which work through the vascular system by increasing blood flow to the penis. Typically oral medications, they can be consumed between 15 minutes to 36 hours before sex, and work for about three-fourths of men taking them. 

  1. Medication Targeting the Nervous System 

Less well-known, drugs in this category affect the brain regions relating to sexual arousal, such as PT-141. Because it’s relatively rarer, many will probably ask: What is Pt-141? It’s essentially a drug that gives the consumer desire as well as the physical ability to achieve an erection. And because it doesn’t work through the vascular system, some consider them safer for those suffering from heart or other blood conditions. 

  1. Counseling or Therapy 

Especially noteworthy if anxiety, stress, depression, guilt, shame, or past trauma is the root cause of erectile dysfunction, counseling can help men work through some of these psychological issues. Even something as banal as everyday stress can cause temporary erectile dysfunction, and no medications may be necessary in cases such as these. 

  1. Lifestyle Changes

Some studies have shown that lifestyle changes, such as increased exercise, healthier eating, and reduced caloric intake have resulted in the mitigation of erectile dysfunction. Some of these changes may be relatively easy to make and can improve mens’ sex lives as a result. That being said, making these changes may not necessarily be the right strategy depending on the root cause of the erectile dysfunction, which ranges from man to man. A professional can help figure out if this is the right choice for you. 

Ultimately, erectile dysfunction is a complicated and nebulous issue, and may require different or varied treatments to solve. Luckily, due to the variety of treatments available, hopefully each person can find something unique that works for them. Treatment for erectile dysfunction should never cause additional health problems—so make sure that you do your research, talk to an expert, and consider your body honestly and thoughtfully. Prior problems, such as heart conditions, clinical depression, or past trauma may all interfere with current treatment, but with a little work, can easily be taken into account. 

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