4 Best Ways to Beat Your Exhaustion While Studying

Every student complains about the lack of time to accomplish the set academic goals. Approaching deadline of assignment submission, next day assessment exam, presentations coming next week, and preparation for the final exams – so much to do in so little time.

And you also have to eat, bath, do laundry, house chores along with studying. All these piled up tasks make you tired and sleepy, and you couldn’t study for a long time. This is the misery of every student’s life which haunts him/her throughout his/her academic life.

Obviously, you cannot stretch the number of hours from 24 to 28 or 32, in case of more hovering deadlines. But you can definitely extend your study hours without letting drowsiness and fatigue squeeze its way.

Here are the best ways to fight against sleep and tiredness to increase your study hours:

Handle Difficult Work when Energized:

It is better to handle difficult topics or assignments at the time when you are the most energized and active. Some people are most active in the day while others are at night. Either you are a day person or a night owl, set your schedule accordingly.

You can handle less difficult tasks even when you are feeling lethargic. But if you will keep your difficult tasks for the goggy time, you will not be able to accomplish your goals.

Maintain Power House:

You might be studying for 6 to 7 hours without doing any other physical work. It doesn’t mean that you are not consuming your energy. Mental work also consumes energy. So while studying, you consume your stored body energy because your brain is working continuously.

So it is better to maintain and sustain the energy level to get the maximum result. Otherwise, you will lose your energy level, and attention span will decrease.

Eat low Glycemic level food like fruits, and cereals than high Glycemic level food like chocolate, cookie, and cake, etc. Some students also go for Professional Grade Supplements which are the handy remedy to shoo away tiredness and sleepiness.

Take Breaks:

Studies have concluded that students who take small breaks between studies and those who study continuously show different results. And the former case mostly wins!

Your attention drops after some time, and if you continue to study after wilted energy, then you might end up hitting the rock. You will not understand even a single thing – try it.

It is better to take short breaks while studying to increase your productivity and active study hours.

Make Some Room for a Nap:

Different studies have shown different results to mark the significance of taking a nap. And they all prove that a nap is important to reduce slacking performance, increase alertness, refresh mind and improve information retention and reasoning.

If a nap is not your kind of thing, then it is better to make room for it in your daily life. This will increase your academic productivity to win over competitors.

You don’t have to be Newton to show good academic performance. A bit of strategic planning and the right choices of life can make you a good student – a very good one.

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