4 Best Date Night Beauty Prep Tips For Women to Follow


Getting ready for your first date can be exciting, as well as a stressful task. You require a lot of time to decide what you should wear and what accessories should go with it. Well, for your outfit, you can wear a maxi dress, mini dress, a jumpsuit, a skirt with a t-shirt, or even jeans. But be sure to have perfect shoes to go with your attire. Even if you don’t have any suitable shoes, you can check out womens shoes at Famous Footwear and select the one you want. Now, when that is sorted, the actual task is beauty preps, especially for women. You want your skin to look best on your date night, right? So, we have some tips for you in this article below. To find out how you achieve it, continue reading.

Exfoliate the Night Before

Yes, we all have heard this so many times before that we should exfoliate after a while. If you haven’t given your skin a little love in a hot minute, then it is about time to do so. Proper exfoliation removes all the dead skin cells clogging your skin. After exfoliation, fresh new cells from below your skin are uncovered. As a result, all the skincare products you will put on your skin penetrate deeply into your skin. Thus, making  your skin look fresh, healthy, and seamless.

Prep in the Shower

The preparations start in the shower or bath. When you are stepping into the shower, you need to apply vitamin E oil or any moisture mask to your face. It is essential because when you are going on a date, you don’t want your skin to look dull. So, applying moisture or vitamin E to your face before taking a hot shower or bath, will enable the extra moisture to seep into your skin. As a result, you will have a dewy and touchable face on your first date.

Plan for Mani and Pedi

You cannot go out on your first date without getting your nails done. Once you are done showering, you need to apply cuticle oil to your nails. After this, you need to push your cuticles back to putting a therapeutic moisturizer on them. Finally, you need to pick a nail color that is going with your attire well for painting your nails. Once you have painted your nails, allow some time to dry them down.

Hair and Makeup

Lastly, you need to do your hair and makeup according to the dress you are wearing. If you have long hair, either you can straighten them using a straightener, or you can try loose curls. If you have a bob or short hair, then side-swept bangs with a deep side part would be perfect for a sophisticated yet romantic look. When it comes to makeup, you don’t want to go ham with it. Your makeup should make your skin look dewy and fresh. So, start with an illuminating and hydrating primer. Once you have primed your skin, follow up with the foundation. Set it with powder, put on some blush for the flush of color on your cheeks, and keep your overall makeup minimalistic.

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