3 Ways to Get Better Beauty Sleep


Beauty sleep isn’t a myth, but you have to adopt healthy habits for the Sleeping Beauty Effect to take place. In addition to taking off any cosmetics before bed, it pays to adopt a skin care regimen that works for your skin. You may also have to change the way you sleep, but it will benefit you in all areas of your life, resulting in bright eyes, radiant skin, and loads of effervescent energy.

Switch Out Your Pillowcases

Regularly changing your pillowcases is an overlooked way to become more beautiful while you sleep. You may feel that it’s enough to change them when you change your sheets but think about buying some spares and switch them out more often than that. Twice or even three times a week is ideal. 

This is because even after you remove your makeup, apply toner, and rub in moisturizer, your face still sheds dead skin cells throughout the night. Guess where they end up? They’re on your pillowcase, of course, so each night you sleep on the same case, you’re basically lying on top of bacteria. That might not affect your sleep, but it will undoubtedly affect your face.

Try a Seasonal Routine

The air quality and temperature in your bedroom define how well you sleep — and how you appear in the morning. Hot, dry air leaves your throat and sinuses dry, to say nothing of your skin. Too much humidity clogs your nose, leaves you hot and sweaty, and causes oily skin. Think of the season, consider the temperature, and adjust accordingly.

In the summertime, for example, removing humidity from your bedroom is essential. Not only will you sleep better in a cool, dry environment, but your skin won’t suffer from clogged pores and sweat. Come winter, however, humidity is your friend. Combat the drying heat by placing a humidifier in your room. You can also create a steam facial for yourself prior to bed or just after waking up in the morning.

Adjust Your Snacking Habits

It’s common to want a little nibble before bedtime. There’s no harm in a small snack — as long as it’s reasonably healthy. Avoid heavy foods just before going to bed, though. Never eat a huge meal and then go straight to sleep. Try not to drink a lot of alcohol and then crash, either. Give yourself time to drink a lot of water or else you just end up dehydrated, which causes your body to collect all the natural fluids it can find. That’s why you wake up bloated with puffy eyes. The same thing occurs with high-sodium foods.

The linens you use, the temperature in your room, and the foods you eat all affect your sleep and your beauty. Comfort is vital for a night of restful beauty sleep, but you have to make smart choices, as well. For example, sleeping on your back can help you fight the battle against wrinkles because the position pulls your skin taut. How do you get your beauty rest?

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