3 Types of Detox and Their Benefits for Your Body

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As you go about your daily life, your body picks up chemicals and other toxins from the food that you eat, medication that you take, and places you go. While your body naturally removes toxins through its normal physiological processes, there are some that remain. Once toxins build up, you may experience a wide range of symptoms such as headaches, skin problems, and increasing fatigue. For this reason, you may benefit from trying out one of these types of detox programs that help you reset your body from the inside out.

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Kick Start Recovery With Drug Detox

Ending an addiction to drugs or alcohol typically begins with a withdrawal period. During this time, you may experience symptoms such as nausea, shaking and malaise as your body attempts to perform its normal functions without the chemicals it has become dependent upon. During drug detox for men and women, it is preferred to avoid putting any other chemicals into the body, but you may receive medication if your symptoms are severe. A quality drug detox program also uses a special diet and exercise routine to help your body flush toxins out of your body faster. For instance, staying hydrated helps your body eliminate chemicals from your system and encourages better brain recovery. Eating organic foods in their most natural state stops your body from having to process other chemicals so that it can continue to filter out toxins. Exercise induces sweating that further increases the rate of toxin removal.

Increase Toxin Removal With a Liver Detox

Your liver plays a big role in keeping toxin levels in your body low. When you eat, drink or take medicine, the liver acts as a filter to remove toxic chemicals from the substances before they enter your bloodstream. Although the liver is self-healing, there sometimes comes a point where this organ becomes overwhelmed by too many toxins. For instance, your liver functions at a lower level the day after a round of heavy drinking. People who take certain medications or who eat a fatty diet also have higher levels of toxins in their liver. A liver detox typically involves eliminating toxic substances from your diet while taking in nutrients and supplements that help it begin to heal. Removing toxins from the liver affects your entire body since this organ is responsible for everything from replenishing your blood supply to hormone regulation.

Improve Metabolism and Digestion With a Stomach Detox

Similar to the liver, your digestive system can also become overworked. When this happens, you may experience abdominal distress, constipation, diarrhea, and issues with weight management. The most popular stomach detox programs require you to cut out high fat, refined sugar, and processed foods. Instead of consuming these toxic foods, you will then eat meals composed of natural, organic ingredients. In some cases, this type of detox begins with a juice fast that takes the pressure off of the stomach muscles so that the system can direct all of its energy to healing.

Detoxing your body requires a commitment to the program that you choose, yet you will find it easier to stick to your program as you begin to see the benefits of removing toxins from your body. Once you’ve fully cleansed your body of toxins, you will find that you feel happier without things such as processed foods or drugs. Whether you detox to heal from an illness or to end addictive patterns of behavior, one of the biggest benefits of toxin removal is feeling empowered to take control over your health and happiness.

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