3 Kitchen Tips to Make You Proud Owner of a Clean Kitchen

kitchen cleaning

Household chores can be stressful, tiring, and time-consuming, and besides the house chores, there are so many other things to do that house cleaning is pushed down the to-do-list. And if somehow you take out time for house cleaning, then mostly the focus is on only the central areas of the house, which a guest can encounter.

If the kitchen is closed one, then you mostly miss out kitchen cleaning because it is least expected to receive guests. Result? Overflowing garbage bin, smudges of oil on the stove, a pile of dirty utensils and bacteria ridden floor.

It not only questions your house managing capabilities and your take on personal hygiene; it is also harmful to you and your family’s health.

But you don’t have to clean the whole kitchen from ceiling to floor every day. You can take care of the cleaning of your kitchen’s ceiling and cabinet on a weekly or monthly basis. But somethings need your daily attention and cleaning.

Here are given a few things you should take care of daily to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen and to save yourself from embarrassment if a guest ends up stepping in your kitchen.

Empty Kitchen Counters:

Most people’s kitchen counter depicts their thought that kitchen counters are to display all your appliances and cooking utensils. Obviously, it isn’t true. They are to aid you in cooking and put essential things, not for your collection showcase.

It is alright to put the things which you use daily like a spoon stand, toaster, coffee machine, etc. But don’t clutter it with an apron, empty pot, leftover milk pack, cooking spoon, uncapped water bottle, etc.

Clean and organize your kitchen counter every day; it will make a huge difference in the cleanliness of your kitchen.

Avoid Sink Pileups:

Many people simply hate dishwashing, and it is quite understandable. Holding greasy plates, dipping hands in soapy water, and washing leftover food can be irritating. So, you tell yourself, let’s leave it this time, I will wash it in the next go. But that ‘next go’ never comes till your whole sink piles and half of your crockery ends up in the sink.

Is it better to wash this whole pile with Lemi Shine or wash them simultaneously after using them? Anyone can tell that the latter choice is the best.

It is better to wash the breakfast mess before lunch time and lunch’s pile before dinner time. Otherwise, your sink starts looking like a battlefield which you never want to conquer.

Clean Oil Splashes:

You are short on time, your family is about to reach home after a tiring day, and you want to welcome them with warm food, and there is so much left to do. You move your hand quickly, and sometimes, you end up splashing oil on the stove and floor. Similarly, frying something also invites splattering of oil.

It is alright; it happens with everyone. The wrong thing is to leave these oil splashes left on the stove or the floor.

It’s fine if you can’t clean these splashes on the spot, but you must clean them before going to bed. Otherwise, these greasy smudges will stick to the floor and will be hard to clean later. And they can also kill the shine of your marble flooring.


Those ladies who own a neat and clean kitchen are not scientists because kitchen cleaning doesn’t require rocket science. Avoiding something and adding some other things can also make you the owner of a clean kitchen which you can proudly display in front of everyone.

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