3 in 5 Americans are Craving More Family Meals

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According to a new study about today’s mealtime, 3 in 5 Americans are craving more family meals – 49% of respondents said having a family dinner is an “important way to connect,” followed by making memories (46%), learning more about family in general (46%) and continuing family traditions (45%). The Honey Baked Ham Company is helping families spend more time together at the table with tasty and convenient New Family Meals in a variety of sizes and price points to fit any family occasion.

“Our research shows that people today are only spending three dinners a week with their families – down from sharing four dinners per week with families in their youth – and preparing a family dinner is often viewed as a stressful event,” said Jim Dinkins, CEO of The Honey Baked Ham Company. “We are helping families alleviate some of the stress that comes with meal planning and prep with our easy New Family Meal options perfect for any size family.”

Here is what else is happening around America’s dinners:  

  • Dinner is stressful for parents. The average parent only makes four home-cooked meals a week, even though they report craving more – 65% find preparing a family meal to be a stressful event.
  • Meal planning is a myth. While some may have the best intention to plan in advance, 71% of people find themselves planning their dinner the day of the meal.
  • Made from scratch is desired, even with takeout.The No. 1 factor families consider when getting takeout is that the meal “feels home-cooked.”
  • People loath clean up. When asked about the barriers to preparing a home-cooked meal, 43% of those surveyed said they don’t want to deal with the clean-up process, followed by not having the cooking skills (40%) and not having the time (35%).
  • Manners are important during dinnertime. 67% of people believe having good table manners is an important factor in family dinners. The top 3 universal rules followed today: wash your hands before you sit at the table (49%), don’t talk with your mouth full (46%) and don’t slurp your food or drink (44%).

Almost half of Americans prefer ready-to-eat meals (49%) or home-cooked meals (48%), followed by getting takeout (43%) and dining at a restaurant (32%). And they expect family meal prices per person to be: $10.10 for a home-cooked meal, $12 for takeout, $11.60 for fast-food and $12.40 for a sit-down restaurant meal.

“It’s refreshing to know families are still prioritizing family mealtime and that they want to gather around the dinner table more often,” added Dinkins. “Family dinners should be a stress-free time to unwind, catch up and reflect all while enjoying a delicious meal. Our New Family Meals provide appetizing options that serve families big and small any day of the week.”

HoneyBaked wishes everyone a fun and safe end to summer!

Source: The Honey Baked Ham Co

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