3 All-Natural Ways To Prevent UTIs Before They Appear

With symptoms such as burning during urination, pain in the lower back or abdomen, or the intense urge to urinate, it’s easy to see why people who suffer from urinary tract infections crave relief. Luckily, there are several all-natural ways to fight off bacteria and prevent UTIs.


  1. Drink More Water

Water is the single most important resource for your body, especially if you hope to prevent urinary tract infections. When you drink enough water, it helps your kidneys to flush out metabolic toxins by creating urine. Frequent urination also helps to push bacteria that builds up around the urethra away from your body so that it doesn’t enter the urinary tract and cause an infection. Although every person is different, most experts agree that you should drink between six and eight glasses of water per day. Those who live in humid environments or exercise often may need more.


  1. Practice Healthier Habits

Sexually active individuals are more likely to develop urinary tract infections. One of the easiest methods of UTI prevention without antibiotics is to adopt healthier sexual habits. During intercourse, the movement of bodies can cause bacteria to travel from the rectal area to the urethral area. Prevent it from entering the urinary tract by using the restroom as soon as you feel the urge to or within a couple of hours after intercourse. When wiping afterward, it is important to do so from front to back. This prevents further rectal bacteria from reaching the urethra.


  1. Use a Prevention Supplement

Some nutrients decrease your chances of developing a urinary tract infection. Supplements make it easier for you to get them into your body. Available in pill form or as UTI prevention drink mixes, these supplements provide a range of vitamins and minerals, including D-mannose, vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, calcium and magnesium, all of which help to prevent UTIs.

You don’t need to suffer or expose your body to unnecessary antibiotics to prevent urinary tract infections. Simply practice healthier habits, drink more water and use a UTI drink supplement to be on your way to better urinary health.

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