12 Ways to Help the Environment


The amount of needless waste around the world is damaging our planet in the form of pollution and detrimental climate change. This isn’t news to anyone, but what can you do to help? There are many different ways of helping out Mother Earth, this list will introduce you to a few.

Taking care of the environment is taking care of yourself, too, and your wallet. Not only will you be saving money in the long run by cutting down on energy and waste, eco-friendly products and food grown without pesticides is vastly better for your health.

Helping the environment means you’ll need to change old habits. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Just practice being conscious in everything you do and try to stick to the mantra: “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. Remember that every little bit you do makes a difference.

Be Smart in the Kitchen

Eat Sustainably

Choose to eat local and organic. This cuts down on carbon emissions from shipping the food to and eliminates the use of harmful pesticides.

Eat More Vegetables

Eating fewer meat and dairy products helps lower greenhouse gas emissions, while broadening your palate and encourages you to eat a little healthier, too.


Get yourself a durable, reusable bottle for water and juices on-the-go. A travel mug is also a great idea if you buy coffee and tea from cafés. This will keep your drink warmer for longer while eliminating the need for paper cups and plastic tops. Many shops will give you a discount for bringing your own mug. Trade in those unnecessary plastic straws for a reusable one.

Compost and Reduce Food Waste

We throw away about 40% of the food we produce which is completely unsustainable and senseless. You can reduce your food waste by eating leftovers and going to the grocery store more often instead of doing one large trip each week.

Compost whatever leftovers and food you don’t eat.

Eat as a Family

Eating with others reduces excess packaging and uses less energy. Plus, it makes for a happier family, too.


Be Mindful of How you Consume

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is not always just hippy chic – it can be quite refined and stylish! The fashion and clothing industry is one of the most wasteful but there’s movement to change that.

Be an ethical shopper–it can be as easy as getting yourself some woven flats made from recycled water bottles or upcycling and transforming your old clothes.

Think About Packaging

Nearly all products come in packaging. For some it is essential, but for many, packaging has a short-lived use. Think of vegetables sold in plastic trays with plastic wrapped on top, or of how many tubs of shampoo you’ve used in your life. Wherever you can, buy package-free or in bulk. Choose loose vegetables (no plastic bags), fruit and tea, and grains and nuts from bins. And when you do have packaging, reuse it or recycle it. 

Shop Second-Hand

To reduce waste, you can buy just about anything second-hand if you look hard enough. Local charities and online sites will have so many options, some of which may even be free! You can also find unique items of clothing in thrift and vintage stores.

Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Changing just a few things about your household can make a big difference.


Proper insulation may be more expensive upfront but saves a lot of energy and thus money in the long run. Changing to new double-glazed windows, loft insulation and preventing drafts all add up.

Turn Off What You Aren’t Using

This means turning off the light when you leave the room; turning off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth and between washing dishes; and powering down your computer at night.

Green Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the places you can change many wasteful habits and practices. You can buy products that do not come in packaging, like natural, handmade bars of soap. Also, natural beauty products and cosmetics are free of harsh chemicals harmful for the Earth. Reduce your amount of waste from feminine hygiene products by switching to reusable goods like a menstrual cup.

Use Your Car Less

Start reducing your consumption of gas by carrying out your errands in bulk. Carpooling, using public transport, and walking wherever you can are the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint and have a big impact. Or, use a bike to get to work or run your errands – it’s a great way to enjoy a low-impact exercise and reduce your carbon emissions at the same time!


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