10 Expert Tips to Rebuild a Thriving Sex Life


Most couples know that aspects like spending time together or working on good communication are essential to relationship health. Sexual wellness, however, is often overlooked, even though research suggests a thriving sex life  contributes not only to a thriving partnership but also a higher quality of life.  

Scientific research suggests a connection between sexual wellness and overall wellbeing. A study by the National Institutes of Health reveals that a satisfying sex life – which varies for each individual – also supports a higher overall quality of life for most US adults. More recent research even shows a possible link between sexual frustration and depression/anxiety. 

That’s why Dr. Laura Purdy, M.D. and Dr. Barbara J. Brown, Ph.D. of Rise Medical are transforming “Rebuild Your Life” month into “Rebuild Your Sex Life” month, sharing 10 tips to boost sexual wellness right now:

  1. Be consciously present when spending time with your partner and choose to bring your “A” game to your relationship.
  2. Build emotional intimacy outside of the bedroom by making time for play and laughter as well as honest communication to share personal information or work through tensions.
  3. Focus on the positive attributes of your partner, be responsive to their needs, and give to your partner according to their love language.
  4. Touch throughout the day, make it a habit to kiss when greeting or saying goodbye, hold hands while walking, touch in sleep positions, and schedule favorite times to be sexually intimate.
  5. Be open to new expressions or experiences of sexual intimacy; keep the pressure out and let things flow in the moment.
  6. Optimize your general wellness – sleep, nutrition, exercise, and substances only in moderation.
  7. Manage any chronic health conditions – diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes can have negative impacts on sexual health if they are not properly managed. 
  8. Understand the impact of physical challenges on sexual health – these will likely change throughout the span of your relationship.
  9. Normalize honest conversations about sexual health with your doctor.
  10. Be proactive about seeking expert help for new or changing symptoms. Many sexual problems now are very treatable, and sometimes sexual problems can be a sign of a larger health issue.

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