Vitamin D Decreases Risk of Cancer

Increasing vitamin D levels may lower risk for developing cancer, according to a study conducted by Creighton University with cooperation from the University of California San Diego. The results of the study were released today Read More

Add Strength with Vitamin D

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have shown that increasing the levels of active vitamin D can help to optimise muscle strength in humans. The team hope that the findings will inform the design of Read More

A Blended Take on Family Favorites

(Family Features) It’s not always easy to create meals that are both nutritious and satisfying. Managing intake of added sugar and saturated fat takes effort and planning, but transforming your favorite recipes into more nutritious Read More

Venturing into Vegan Territory

Acclaimed vegan chef, Mark Reinfeld, has called plant-based diets “the future of food,” because of their low carbon footprint and lowered impact on the planet. Many seem to share this sentiment, as in recent years, Read More

Vitamin D and Autism: The Missing Link

Causes, Prevention, and Treatment I first became interested in vitamin D when I learned that it is not a vitamin. Instead, it is the only known substrate of a seco-steroid neuro-hormone that functions, like all Read More

Skin Cancer vs. Vitamin D

Reexamining our relationship with the sun By Adam Swenson “I remember back in the old days, when bacon, eggs, and sunshine were good for you.”–Author’s grandfather, Warren Swenson Is sunshine good for you? Much like Read More

Vitamin D: The Little Powerhouse

Get to know your vitamin D levels and manage your intake to maintain a healthy life. By Craig Gustafson From its discovery in the early twentieth century as a cure for rickets, a syndrome characterized Read More

Focus On: Vitamin D

WHAT IT IS: A steroid vitamin, vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble pro-hormones that is important for absorbing and metabolizing calcium and phosphorus. Actually “vitamins” cannot be synthesized by the body—they are only available Read More

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