Sitting Disease: The New Health Hazard

Sedentary behavior is the new norm as most jobs do not require active movement. Sitting in a car instead of walking, standing on the escalator instead of walking up the stairs, using an electric mixer Read More

Type 2 Diabetes Can be Reversed

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed with intensive medical treatment using oral medications, insulin and lifestyle therapies, according to a study published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Type 2 diabetes Read More

Are You Food Addicted?

Detox is big these days. Everybody’s talking about and trying it—juicing, fasting, cleansing, odd diets, colonics, and more. There are ancient healing systems that teach about detoxification—including ayurveda—and each approach has its pros and cons. Read More

The Heart & Brain Connection

Studies show the heart and brain are connected by more than just poetry and puns. Indeed, researchers say high levels of heart-busting cholesterol might also make brain cells more prone to brain-busting dementia. The brain Read More

Holidays Can Be Tough on People With Diabetes

Tips to Diabetics on Alcohol Consumption Over the Holidays As the holidays approach, health concerns arise among diabetics who may have questions concerning alcohol intake during this festive season. Board Certified Pharmacist, Dr. Avni Mahiji Read More

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