Hungry Eyes

Most of us expect—and accept—the slow deterioration of our eyes as an inevitable part of aging. But is it? A wealth of research indicates that protecting our baby blues (or browns or greens) could be Read More

Pregnancy:Greater Expectations

For women who have long dreamt of having a baby, the uncomfortable realities of pregnancy—morning sickness, hemorrhoids, fatigue—can sometimes overshadow the joyful news. But pregnancy is filled with intimations of the sublime. It has the Read More

Detox the Right Way

Give your body the kick-start to healthy function with a natural detox program. By Ellen Kahmi PHD, RN, AHN-BC, AHG Detoxification is one of the first steps to take if you are serious about feeling Read More

Venturing into Vegan Territory

Acclaimed vegan chef, Mark Reinfeld, has called plant-based diets “the future of food,” because of their low carbon footprint and lowered impact on the planet. Many seem to share this sentiment, as in recent years, Read More


Vitamin K2 Naturally Builds Stronger, Healthier Bones When osteoporosis knocks on life’s door so hard it splinters a bone, you rarely think of seeking out a replacement—hopping in the car and driving to the nearest Read More

Resveratrol Can Help Women with PCOS

Resveratrol—a natural compound found in red wine and grapes—can help address a hormone imbalance in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a leading cause of infertility in women, according to a new study published in Read More

A Natural Approach to Overcoming Depression

The last two decades have witnessed a huge increase in depression diagnoses. At present, 1 in 10 Americans takes antidepressant medication—and many of these individuals are taking multiple pills to treat more than one psychiatric Read More

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