Why Human Milk Matters for Babies

New study shows expanded benefits for premature babies on exclusive human milk diet (Family Features) Nutrition is one of the most critical factors in healthy child development, but this is especially true for babies born Read More

Can Aging be Reversed

18 surprising tricks to turn back the clock   Aging is part of the natural course of life—feeling old doesn’t have to be. And while you can embrace the former, no one says you have to Read More

Hungry Eyes

Most of us expect—and accept—the slow deterioration of our eyes as an inevitable part of aging. But is it? A wealth of research indicates that protecting our baby blues (or browns or greens) could be Read More

Pregnancy:Greater Expectations

For women who have long dreamt of having a baby, the uncomfortable realities of pregnancy—morning sickness, hemorrhoids, fatigue—can sometimes overshadow the joyful news. But pregnancy is filled with intimations of the sublime. It has the Read More

Detox the Right Way

Give your body the kick-start to healthy function with a natural detox program. By Ellen Kahmi PHD, RN, AHN-BC, AHG Detoxification is one of the first steps to take if you are serious about feeling Read More

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