Why Skin is Our Magic Mirror

I learned about skin the hard way… I had hives and eczema as a child, acne as a teen, and rosacea later in life. My skin was terribly fickle, and after some trials and tribulations, Read More

Top 9 Foot Care Tips You Should Follow

Having soft and beautiful feet is a common dream of everyone. But, very few people have pretty feet naturally. Don’t worry because there are many products that can help you have beautiful feet. Besides, you Read More

6 Steps to Overcome Back-to-School Stress

By Kellie Lupe-Smith School is about to start up again, and for many kids a variety of emotions begin to surface—ranging from excitement to nervous anticipation to all-out dread and panic. Starting a new school Read More

Risky Business

By: Karen Howard, CEO and Executive Director, Organic & Natural Health Association Life is a risky business.  Consider the perils of cell phones.  According to the Washington Post, in 2013, 3,154 people died and an Read More

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