Act Your Age When It Comes to Skin Care

People experience many changes as they age, and that includes changes in their skin. The body’s largest organ evolves over time, so it’s important for one’s skin care routine to evolve with it. Although dermatologists’ Read More

Top 9 Foot Care Tips You Should Follow

Having soft and beautiful feet is a common dream of everyone. But, very few people have pretty feet naturally. Don’t worry because there are many products that can help you have beautiful feet. Besides, you Read More

Secrets to Gorgeous Skin

The skin never lies. Unlike other organs of the body, hidden and shrouded in mystery, the skin is an extrovert, blithely revealing your inner life without so much as a disclaimer. And the confidences it Read More

Get Teens Back to School Blemish-Free!

With fall just around the corner, your teens are heading back to school for yet another year of learning. Although prepping can be chaotic—schedules, school supplies, a new fall wardrobe—you can help your kids find Read More

Clear Skin Basics

Like most teenagers, I spent my high school years awaiting the day my acne would magically disappear. I always figured zits were something I would eventually outgrow. Well, here I am, all grown up with Read More

Keep Pearly Whites Shining Bright

Dr. Margaret Mitchell, DDS, of the Chicago-based Mitchell Dental Spa, provides a few tips for Natural Solutions readers on how to achieve a bright, beautiful, and healthy smile. >> Wear lipsticks that contain a hint Read More

See What’s Trending in Naturals

Remember when beauty experts and the media said naturals were just a passing fad? Well, no one thinks that anymore. In fact, natural beauty products are no longer considered a niche market, but part of Read More

Save Your Skin

Sizzle. Scorch. Seethe. These are just a few of the many words we use when our skin burns from the sun’s rays. Although most people are trying to get a tan, those UV rays are Read More

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