How Can You be more Eco-Friendly?

Eco-Friendly Ideas for Sustainable Eating   (Family Features) In many American households, once-unfamiliar sustainability practices have become commonplace. Eco-friendly is now a common term that many of us embrace. Current data from the Environmental Protection Read More

Protect Your Pets

As the dog days of summer steadily approach, we’re ready to gear up for picnics, beaches, and traveling—and so are our pets. When letting our pets tag along to summer events, we must remember to Read More

Sleep, Naturally

When it comes to choosing a sleep aid, one study found that whether the product was natural was a top factor, right up there with the perception on how well it worked, side effects, and Read More

Healthy Day, Healthy Night

We all experience sleep problems from time to time, but some of us have it worse than others. Our minds race while we toss and turn, anxiously watching the clock tick down the hours. Sometimes Read More

Summer Ant Problems

Finding ants in your home, however frustrating it may be, is a sure sign of summer. Ant traps or sprays may eliminate them temporarily, but the key to getting rid of ants for good lies Read More

The Chakratic Hierarchy of Needs

Have you been feeling a bit out of whack? When things aren’t feeling right, it could mean that your needs aren’t being met. Not just physical needs, but emotional, spiritual, and mental needs as well. Read More

Removing The Barriers To Love

Past wounds, personal issues, and defensive states will prevent us from discovering, experiencing, and sharing real love. This love (true love, universal love) exists within our spirit (true nature, divine nature). To even discover it Read More

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